Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Mar 25, 2008 (Updated Mar 25, 2008)
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Pros:Reliable, Stylish, HD, Low cost of ownership, works well at various resolutions.

Cons:Found none at present. Owned monitor for almost a year.

The Bottom Line: Contemporary monitor that makes a nice replacement or for a second monitor. Good size for web browsing, movies, and games. Rich beautiful colors that are almost 3-D.


No there is nothing wrong with my PIII 1.4GHZ CPU-S ("S" stands for a server chip) with a gig and a half server memory running Windows XP Pro with SPK2. But I want to move onto Microsoft Vista OS (Operating System).

Now I generally just research for computer parts and build my own system to avoid over priced components and installation services configured into the brand name builds—oh—an avoid the shovel ware (programs I don't want and won't use). LOL. You all know to well what I'm speaking of here—


Time was one of the largest decision factors as to whether to buy a brand name and add some custom configuring or to build from scratch. Obliviously, by buying a brand name I was going to receive shovel-ware and I would not have the upgrade options down the road that I would have with a do-it-yourself build.

I elected to buy brand and I was not allowing myself to be limited by the brand build. After looking around I ended up with a DELL and they threw in a nice 19 HD LCD Widescreen Monitor with a 1000 to 1 contrast, the resolution was not what I would have opted for if I went out to buy just a monitor.


Don't shoot me just yet! Yeah I went Brand but I receive such a good deal and DELL threw in a Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor. I didn't need it because I had recently acquired a ViewSonic 22" from Office Depot. But if you are anything like me you have a swarm of computers around the house so it never hurts to have one more monitor.

No, I'm not naive, I know somewhere in the mix of things DELL had figured in the cost of the monitor. But had I purchased it separately the cost would have been considerably more. And I'm all about saving the CA$H.

Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

The resolution is not the one I would have chosen for an individual purchase of a monitor. I mentioned this above but didn't state the vertical and horizontal resolution for this Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor.

This model of Dell's HD LCD monitors has a resolution of 1440 x 900 native resolution – Native is the resolution at which your video card should send signals at for the best display images, movies, and games. I have set this monitor up as a testing monitor for builds and rebuilds. I have had an opportunity to use the Sub-D connector (sometimes called, RGB, HD RGB, or VGA) and the DVI inputs.

Now forgive me for not running the Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor at optimum resolution every time, but by running the monitor at different resolutions one can truly see how good or poor a monitor performs. And believe me friend DELL did a very nice job with this unit. But unlike some very expensive monitors the Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor performed well at the various resolutions I sent it. Not once have I seen any banding or back light issues I witness with other monitors when not set to their native settings. The video quality has remained constant. This indicated a quality build and attention to detail lacking in other brands.

The visuals are outstanding and heavenly breath taking. It's like the most beautiful sights you have ever beheld more vivid and brilliant — it's restoring real life scenes and making them richer. Stunning detail, increased viewable real estate all without compromising desk space.

Dell's S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor is sleek, contemporary and simplistically stylish. I love the brushed silver arctic appeal and the high mirror shine of the DELL branding. If I could have changed anything about this monitor . . . I would have placed the power and other control buttons on the under bezel frame. But I didn't have a say in the manufacturing and the control buttons are lined neatly in a bright polished on the lower right corner.

Due to the 5 millisecond response time (rather typical) – Reduce ghosting and motion blur when gaming or watching movies. I have yet to experience any of these side effects myself. I’ve watched a couple of fast pace movies on the monitor without issues. I can not speak for the gamer performance because I'm not a gamer and I haven't played video games since the eighties arcades. Hopefully, there is a true gamer out there that will have a chance to review this monitor.

1000:1 contrast ratio

Produces darker blacks for sharper images and crisp text. And I have not witness any bleeding on any of the four sides. Edge to edge is sharp, crisp and clean. I have been very impressed with the performance of the Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor since I had read online a number of complaints regarding this monitor. Apparently, Dell was vigilant and listened to their customers correcting any such issues.

High Definition (HD)

Watch movies and play games in HD clarity. Unbelievable for a monitor in this price range. In addition it incorporates HDCP (High Definition Copy Protection) this in essence future proofs the monitor as technology continues to change and improve.

Viewing angles is 160 degrees, good visuals even when you are not directly in front of the monitor. This is convenient when others may be viewing photos, movies or games with you.

Dell TrueLife Technology

My eyes are not as sharp as they were when I was geeking around the computer. In light of this, it is important that a monitor has greater contrast, darker blacks, vibrant color and sharper text. So these weary eyes don't have to strain as they bath in the glory of this liquid light.


The stand is rather basic dripping in a deep midnight black. The base of the stand is absolutely flat top and bottom and thin. The arm reaching from the stand to the monitor is a matching black color and is arced. The curve of the arc is simple and elegant. Though the stand does not appear to be to sturdy it has no problem holding the monitor in place. It has yet to fall over. The stand is light enough that transporting the Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor from room to room and beyond is almost effortless.

Cable management is simple and uncluttered. Would have been nice to see the cables pass through the stand to fall behind the desk top. But there are only two cords requiring management: the AC and the DVI or RGB. You can have two devices connected to the monitor concurretly but the DVI signal is given priority. It's best not to have two devices running the same monitor at same time.


I honestly believe this Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor would make an excellent first or replacement display. It's clean, uncluttered modern looks will add to any decor whether it be traditional, country, or metro.

The visuals are simply breath taking. Pricing on this monitor have come down since my purchase in the Summer of 2007. There are no dead or bright pixels and it's earth friend being energy star compliant.

The monitor had performed well at various resolution setting. I saw no degradation in image quality like I have with other more expensive LCD monitor displaying below their native settings.

Looking for a your first, replacement or to have a spare—give the Dell S199WFP 19-inch HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor a try. I think you will be delighted you did.

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