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Apr 1, 2008
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Pros:AMU is perfect for people that cannot attend a traditional university.

Cons:Online courses are not for everyone. You need to be able to motivate yourself.

The Bottom Line: AMU is great for non-traditional students as well as those looking for specialized curriculum in the military, police, and intelligence fields.

The other review gives a more thorough overview of the program, but I wanted to add my own views as a civilian. I took a few classes as part of a certificate program to enhance my education with military/intelligence courses related to my undergraduate majors. At the time I was attending a well-known east coast university, and I found that the curriculum of my AMU classes was on par with what I was taking there. My AMU professors were at the top of their field. Of the two courses I took, one professor was an adjunct at Georgetown University and worked on a national security crisis team at the Pentagon and the other professor was one of the top counter-terrorism experts in the world.

The assigned materials were excellent, and professors were great at giving feedback on papers. One course required discussion in the class' online forum, which was a great way to engage the professor and other students on topics related to the course.

Since the courses were undergraduate level, I recieved the AMU Book Grant which along saved me an average $150 per course. The books were delivered new and promptly before my classes began.

Online courses are not for everyone. You need to be motivated to get your reading assignments and papers done on time. Since you are not sitting down in an actual classroom, you do not have your classmates and professors to personally motivate you and see that you are understanding the material. Obviously, class discussion and social discourse are an important part of a university education and is the greatest drawback of online and distance education. However, AMU faculty members have gone to great lengths to try to remedy or simulate this atmosphere. I have had professors require weekly posts on our class discussion forum on topics relevant to the course. I have also had professors require that you e-mail them to introduce yourself and to have a direct conversation with them to make sure you are understanding the material. Certainly, you can voluntarily e-mail them any time if you have questions. Some professors even give you their phone number if you want direct, non-electronic contact with a human being.

One of the things that makes AMU unique is it's specialized curriculum. That is what originally led me to AMU. Military/Police/Intelligence Analysts/Military Historians and others interested in those areas will find courses here that you would only find at one of the Service Academies or War Colleges.

In summary, AMU offers an excellent education provided you are motivated to do all the work on your own. If you are in the military, or have a job that does not allow you to persue a traditional education, the AMU program is one of the best choices out there. If you are active duty military, it is free! If you are taking undergraduate courses, the books are also free! That is not to be underestimated, because books are a huge hidden cost of a college education. When I was an undergrad, I would pay $500-$600 on books per semester!

I highly reccomend American Military University.

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