Obsessed with obsession

Apr 3, 2008
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Pros:Delights you as the wearer, and those around you.

Cons:It might be a little pricey in some areas

The Bottom Line: Obsession is beautiful fragrance. It has spicy, earthy undertones of fragrance that will enhance anyone. I always receive compliments while wearing this.

I have been in love with Obsession since it emerged. I still remember the night.My friend and I were going out for the evening and I had forgotten my usual perfume. My friend allowed me to try Obsession. A light spray of the essence and I was hooked. This scent was an overwhelming sensory treat. The fragrance is spicy and sweet with an undertone of muskiness. I have enjoyed the many compliments I have received using Obsession. I believe that wearing an essential fragrance is just as important as wearing an essential piece of fashion. This fragrance smells good in the rain, in the snow,fall and summer. If you have been searching for the ultimate fragrance for your life, I would recommend Obsession. This fragrance can accompany any life style while working at the gym or going out for any evening on the town. This fragrance folds around you and your many moods. It does for me. I believe this scent is timeless. I would think that anywhere you went wearing this scent, you will be remembered. If you are going to choose any fragrance out of the world of fragrances, I would strongly recommend Obsession, it encompasses every thing you need in one spray.

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