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Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget About Murphy's Oil Soap!

Apr 4, 2008
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Pros:Great cleanser, natural, fresh church-like smell


The Bottom Line: Murphy's Oil Soap is a trusted cleaning commodity in my home!

‘Spring Cleaning’ is something I do thoroughly about three times a year. I clean out my closet completely (which is always such a huge problem for some reason), and it usually takes me three to four trips to the garbage dump to haul all of my junk away. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was a pack rat, but things seem to pile up very quickly. One of the other things I do is wash down all of my walls in my home. You can buy all kinds of gadgets these days for wall cleaning and cleaning floors, but I prefer to use a big bucket, a few fresh sponges, some hot water and Murphy’s Oil Soap. I trust Murphy’s Oil Soap, made by Colgate and Palmolive, because it’s been around for more than 100 years, and it’s natural and safe to use on more than just wood!

Murphy’s Oil Soap smells like the inside of a church, in my opinion. Of course, all of the women in the Catholic Women’s League in my home town used to take a bunch of buckets, mops and sponges into church once a month a wipe down the pews with Murphy’s! I didn’t recognize the scent until I started using it in my home and it triggered the memory of Sunday mornings. It’s funny what a scent does to your memory sometimes..

Anyway, Murphy’s Oil Soap is made from vegetable oil and in it’s true, original form, it needs to be diluted in water. The bottle recommends 1/4 cup of the oil and a gallon of water. I like to use the cleanser in hot water. You can buy Murphy’s Oil Soap in many forms these days, but it used to just come in concentrate.

Available at grocery stores and superstores are the following products:

-Original Concentrated Soap
-Spray (not concentrated)
-Squirt and Mop (not concentrated)
-Soft Wipes ‘Clean and Dust’ (not concentrated)

Like I said, I prefer the old fashioned concentrate mixed with hot water. I make sure my water is sudsy and I use a regular old sponge and start cleaning. Murphy’s Oil Soap does not need to be dried off wood surfaces. It will take off wax from wooden surfaces so do not use this product on finished wood that is waxed.

I wipe down all of my walls in my home which are all painted. Murphy’s is safe to use on painted surfaces, and I can’t begin to explain just how fresh and clean my walls look after wiping them down. It almost looks as though I have a fresh coat of paint all throughout my house. I especially love the way Murphy’s cleans my baseboards. There is no streaking whatsoever, and the clean smell is wonderful. I also use this soap to clean my wood kitchen cupboards. It does a fantastic job of washing away dirt and grime, with little effort.

A few other ways I use Murphy’s Oil Soap is to clean my tile floors, my fireplace, and counter tops. It is safe for no wax floors, plastic, ceramic tile, marble, painted surfaces, enameled surfaces, laundry stains (who’d have thought!), acrylic fiberglass, Linoleum, vinyl, finished wood paneling, laminated surfaces, cabinets, paneling, painted wood, formica and tables and chairs. (This information was taken from

If you are thinking about doing some spring cleaning and you need a trusted, natural cleaning solution for wood (and not just wood!), consider Murphy’s Oil Soap! Don’t forget about this classic cleanser in the midst of all of the new products for cleaning. The cost is cheap (usually $3-4 USD for the concentrate), and the results are fantastic!

5 stars!

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