JVC Marshmallows - Funny name, serious headphones.

Apr 5, 2008 (Updated Apr 5, 2008)
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Pros:Price, Style, Comfort

Cons:Bass range

The Bottom Line: These are great budget headphones, that deliver a decent sound, at a great price.

Well, My pair of Ipod headphones (Which astonishingly lasted about five months!) finally ended up in my dog's digestive system, so it was time for me to go out and browse for some others. Since my friends had no experience with "Muting" headphones, I decided to go with my instinct here. Factoring Price, looks, and accessories included, I ended up with the JVC Marshmallows.

Sound Quality

Due to the bargain I snagged, I doubted the sound quality would be terrific. I was (for the most part) right. The Bass could be a ton better, and there is a little bit of noticeable 'fuzz'. However, I feel that these two mishaps are neutralized by how well the mute buds work. With them in, its tough to hear yourself talk. Enough said ;)


These headphones have remained reliable to this date. They constantly deliver the same, decent sound, and have never let me down. If anything, I'm sure my ears will crap out before these headphones do.


These headphones come in all of two colors. (At least at our local store) Black and Blue. Considering the blue looked like it was some tie-dye affair from the 60's, I went with the monotonic black. What I like about these headphones, is that they manage to include the "Mute" feature, without looking goofy. The Marshmallows look stylish, while still delivering a solid, reliable product. A+ from me.

These headphones feel somewhat awkward at first, as they tend to "Stab" into your ear. Once you maneuver around a little bit, you can find a comfortable spot, squeeze, and enjoy! When playing, you sometimes even forget they are there. The cushion could be a little bit softer, but it still gets the job done.


Considering that this was the most important factor in my decision, I spent quite a while "Investigating" the Marshmallows as well as their competitors. They ran me 14.99 at the local Circuit City and (in my eyes) were quite a bargain.

Note: I have heard however that Wal-Mart carries these same headphones for 9.99 or so.

You'll have no trouble finding these at your local electronics store (Circuit City, Best Buy, Fry's and the like). If you are willing to risk them being "Out of Stock" in order to save a few bucks, it might be worth hitting up your local Wal-Mart as well.

These headphones were definitely a snag at the price I got them. At first I was a little skeptical of how cheap they were, but now am more than satisfied with their performance. I will definitely be keeping this pair of headphones. (That is, until the dog eats this pair too ;))

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