It's a love hate kinda thing.

Apr 6, 2008
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I just bought myself a PS2-I had to get something special with my tax return-just not the new PS3 because it was 400 bucks. I remember a friend of a friend telling me about burnout 3. I'm not all one side string about what type of game I play so I bought a used copy.(hey if you buy a new game console, you have to pinch pennies wherever else) The game is sweet--when you play the single events. You start unlocking cars and you feel like the big bad but when it comes time to do the world events the single events hardly feel like they were enough practice. getting bronze medals at your first attempts really make you not want to play, however, that nifty car take down slow-mo cam is awesome and the soundtrack was cool too. I like how you earn more cars when you wreck the one you already have.

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