Just say No to Propane

Apr 14, 2008
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Pros:Super versatile. Unbeatable quality.

Cons:A built in thermometer would be nice.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line is for the money you can't get better value for this type of quality. Your BBQ results will be much more tasty that plain Jane Propane.

After 20 years of using Propane gas grills I decided to get back to my grilling roots. I was in search of that taste I remembered as a child when my father would fire up a old Charcoal grill. So I bought a Weber One Touch Gold 22.5 Inch Grill and it's GREAT! It is so versatile and everything that I cook on it comes off it tasting so so much better than anything did on a Propane grill. You just can not beat the flavor you get from real Charcoal. I've even cooked 20lb turkey on the Weber and it was so tasty. You can not go wrong with this high quality grill.

With the Charcoal stack/can you can light the Charcoal with just newspaper and totally avoid using any lighter fluid. I recommend this as you get prefect results every time. Buy the Weber can as it has small holes in the upper part that the cheap ones do not have. These holes let more air pass through so you get a very even burn on your coals. If they would have had this contraption 20 years ago I'd never stopped using Charcoal. Now it the time I use to wait for the Propane grill to heat up I have coals that are prefect and ready to cook on.

For cleaning this neat grill has a lever that you move back and forth and it moves the ashes into the lower pan. This is great and holds quite a lot before you have to empty it.

Once you use one of these Weber Charcoal grills you'll never use Propane again.

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