What 10 items would you put in a time capsule?

Feb 21, 2005

The Bottom Line Would be fun to see the faces of those people who opens that thing in the future (that is then my past). ;o)

I wrote this little story a long time ago for CIAO.UK to train my English (iīm from Germany).

So... now what about my time capsule? Well, open it and take a look....

First off all I want to put a book of Diana Gabaldon into this capsule. My choice would be "The Fiery Cross". For me is Gabaldon a very important writer an it would be a shame, when she would be forgotten in the future. Here books can be helpfully be understanding the middle ages and the 21. century. She combines entertainment, historical facts and wisdom in one book.

Item number 2 would be a small bottle with my blood. I donīt want to be cloned, but maybe its usefully when they want to discover, what kind of diseases we had in this century (and the centuries before this one) and avoid the mistakes we made.

Number 3 would be a picture of the bombing of Nagasaki. It should be an example of the stupidity of war. On this picture I would write: make love, not war. A yell from the flower-power-generation of the sixties and seventies; maybe it helps to keep them of to destroy the world.

Music, yes I want to put some music into this time capsule, so that they can hear the beauty of our time. A record with music from Bach would be item number 4. On this record: "Air" and "Ave Maria". This music is so beautifully, that i want to preserve it for the future.

Something about children should be also in the capsule; about poverty and hunger amongst them. Item number 5 should be a picture book with pictures from starving children from all over the world. This book would show them our problems back in history and maybe they donīt make the same mistakes as we did.

Number 6 would be an antique clock; in these days is a clockmaker something special and they get fewer and fewer in this computerised world. In 100 years, there will be nobody, who can fix or make clocks. I want to give them one on their way, so that they can see the beauty from my clock. Maybe they can learn again how to make clocks.

Item number 7 would be a note with a question on it. The question would be: is that all there is? This question should motivate the people in the future to discover peace, love, happiness and wealth for humanity. There is more than just money and work in a mens live.

Number 8 would be another book; a cooking book. Maybe they eat filthy food from plastic tubes or something like that. Food is delicious and I want to share my tomato soup and my grilled roast beef with them. Must be "yuck" to drink your soup from a tube.

How do you put love in a time capsule? Item number 9 should something be with love, it should express love. Love is something great and that is what I want to give to the future. But how do I wrap love? What could define love? I think I put the wedding ring of my grandparents in it. My grandparents were married for 63 years and loved each other until death did them part. That was and is true love.

Number 10 would be the URL from Epinions.com, so that people can write about their experiences with my time capsule.

Thank you for reading.
Copyright Ilonka Liska for Epinions and CIAO.

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