Undescribed Feelings (Breaking Me)

Feb 27, 2005

The Bottom Line A song that about some stuff that I'm feeling right now.

Yeah,another freestyle thing ,although this one is a little more thought out(Although the first verse doesn't blend as well as I wanted it to). And it is true to me and maybe it will apply to someone else. Please leave comments if you read it(For some reason I really enjoy it when people do that.)

I’m sorry for screaming at you
I yelled at you because you’re a fake
But you never said that you were
What you weren’t by faking
If that makes sense
And if it doesn’t
Front it and act like you know
There I go again
I’m sorry
For irritating you
I’ll go now
Not that you’ll notice or do
Anything to keep me here

I’ve said too much already
I’m scared while you stand steady
You must like ignoring me
The way everything revolves around he

I want to say what is inside of me
But what if you rejected it and me?
I guess my fear is greater then your love
No that’s not true
I’d do anything to have you love me
But is that right?
To be honest right now I don’t care
I could lose myself in your stare
Forever my hand in your hair
But I’m scared to get close to you
Because of my fear of rejection through you
I would do anything for you

I’m not going to lie and say I’m over you
I’m not going to lie and say I never loved you
I’m not going to lie and say you didn’t hurt me
I’m not going to lie and say if you came back I wouldn’t go with you
I’m not going to lie and give you that pleasure
That all you took from me is still inside building pressure
I’m sorry for what I didn’t say to you
I wanted to say so much, and it was all true
But I can’t bring myself to it anymore
Because that piece of me that loved you
Is hidden under the floor
Is it still alive?

I try to get it out
I try to say it loud and shout
I’ve got a lot going on inside right now
My feelings for you are down under
I love you but you don’t love me
It’s okay I don’t want you to feel sorry
for me
And want me because of what I pretended to be
You’ll see, it will be better without me

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