Hot Point Over-the-Range Microwave: One of their better appliances

Apr 24, 2008
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Pros:Heats-up foods evenly. Seems durable. Looks OK. Good keypad features.

Cons:Turntable does not shut off. Defrost feature is a bit weak.

The Bottom Line: This Hot Point microwave oven has worked really well for me. It has good features and seems to be durable.

Most of the appliances in my apartment are Hotpoint, which is a value-oriented brand from General Electric. In my experience some Hotpoint appliances are mediocre at best, but the Hot Point Microwave Model# RVM1535 is pretty decent in most respects.

This Hotpoint microwave is designed to be hung over a kitchen range. It has 950 Watts, a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet, and a vent that circulates back into the room. My model is black and 30'' wide, which looks pretty good in the kitchen.

The touch keypad is also black with numbers 0 through 9. There are also keys for Defrost, Beverage, and Popcorn. One nice feature is the 'Quick Start' control which allows you to just hit the numbers 1 through 6 on the keypad for 1 through 6 minutes of cooking time. But you can select an exact time by hitting the Time Cook key then entering the number of minutes and seconds you want for cooking. There is also a separate key to add 30 seconds to cooking time, which is about right for not-quite-done foods.

There is a circular glass turntable inside the microwave which always operates (you can't shut it off). I'd prefer to have the option to stop the rotation sometimes. The door's window is very large and tinted black, which adds to its appearance. There is a light underneath the microwave which projects onto the stove, which is incredibly dim.

I mostly use the microwave to heat-up foods, make popcorn, and to cook frozen-meal dinners. I rarely use it to cook something (like chicken) or to heat liquids. In general this microwave works quite well. It heats evenly and the 950 Watts is enough power to zap foods in a reasonable amount of time.

Sometimes I would prefer to turn-off the circulating turntable but that is not an option, but it's not a huge problem. The keypad is pretty easy to figure out too, and all the buttons are clearly labeled. The Defrost option is a bit weak for some reason (it takes several minutes to defrost one frozen hot dog), but the full power mode works as expected.

The exterior is ''plasticy'' looking, but the black color diminishes the cheapness of the materials. In any case, it does clean-up easily (both inside and out) and the turntable can be removed for washing.

The Hot Point Microwave Model# RVM1535 is working really well for me and I use it every day. It was already installed when I moved into my apartment so I didn't have to worry about that aspect. The black color looks good, and its operation has been satisfactory in most respects.

I don't know how much this microwave cost but surfing the internet I saw prices for this model for about $180. That seems pretty reasonable for a decent appliance that comes with a 1-year warranty. Overall I recommend this Hot Point microwave and rate it as 4 stars.

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