hey there . . .sleeper's 'Epi-buddy'...

Mar 6, 2005

The Bottom Line Epibuddys deserve better respect. If not, prove me wrong.

My thanks to jankp for starting this informal program where established users might offer their limited insights, questionable knowledge, and self-centered advice about living and thriving here on Epinions.

Let me introduce my 'Epibuddy':

sergioc aka Sergio Correa.

Sergio is a brand new . . .well...'newbie' here on Epinions. A member since January 28 of this year, a mere month and a few days, poor sergioc is already on life-support here on the site.

Read about his plight here please:

My reviews dont show

Of course sergioc is upset about this. Who of you would not be? Who of you was 'community blocked' a month after you joined?

Sergio had five reviews published here. I went to look at his user-page after he had made the above post. I noticed that all five were rated 'Helpful'. What user gets community-blocked for writing 'helpful' reviews..??

Perhaps he is a plagiarist. Perhaps he is a duplicate account. Perhaps he is a 'copyright-infringer'. Perhaps he kicks his dog and beats his children. Hell, I don't know. Perhaps he is the BLT murderer . . .wait, that doesn't sound right...

So report him. Fill out the abuse form.

But don't block him just because he trusts a lot of users in a relatively short time. Don't block him because you don't like his name. Don't block him because he wrote a review on 'your' product. Don't block him because his English is not as good as yours. Don't block him because you are afraid to compete out in the open with him.

Hey . . .prove me wrong, here in the comments or by e-mail. Believe me, if he is 'scum' and deserves to be blocked for abusive comments, rates, behavior . . .show me. I have no problem publicly apologizing if I feel your explanation of why he should be 'community blocked' might be valid. I have no no problem if ten of you respond with valid reasons why he should be 'community blocked'.

But I seriously doubt that you can. Or will.

Hey . . .he's my Epibuddy and I want you to all go give him a proper Epinions greeting. ( Hopefully he will re-publish his reviews so we can all seriously judge for ourselves what kind of user he is and might become. )

' tilting at windmills once again . . . '

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