Five Rules for a Successful Pub Crawl

Mar 13, 2005

The Bottom Line A pub crawl is a great way to try new beers, American or imported.

For a beer enthusiast, one of the most exciting things about visiting a new city is the opportunity to try an array of new brews at a variety of pubs. This is sometimes called a Pub Crawl, and the activity doesn’t have to be limited to new cities: you can have just as much fun exploring pubs and trying new beers in your own local city.

Granted, pub-crawling may seem, at least on the surface, to be an opportunity for excess. But it really shouldn’t be. The entire point is to have fun and try different beers as you go, all the while enjoying the atmosphere of each establishment. After all, if the idea were simply to get drunk, there would be no need for variety: one bar would do you fine for that.

With that in mind, there are some important tips and rules of the road for a successful pub crawl. If you follow them, you’re sure to have a great and safe time. And remember. The more the merrier: pub crawls are best when shared with your spouse, family members, or friends. Once you’ve planned out your route, these five rules can insure a fun and safe time for all.

Rule One: Don’t Drink and Drive!
This is the cardinal rule for a good pub crawl. You should always arrange for transportation from pub to pub. Whether it is a designated driver, public transportation, or a cab, make sure you have a method of transportation that doesn’t involve drinking and driving. If several pubs are close by, why not walk? And if one of your crew does agree to be the designated driver, why not show your appreciation by picking up the tab for his or her food and soft drinks?

Rule 2: Pace Yourself!
Take your time! Allow enough time to enjoy each stop on your trip, and don’t rush. Be smart enough to know your limitations. Don’t try to fit too many stops in on one day. There’ll always be another time for that if need be.

Rule 3: Moderation is The Key!
Don’t overdo it! Trying different brews is always lots of fun, but don’t go overboard. Many brewpubs and some multi-tap pubs offer samplers of several beers in small servings for a reasonable amount. These are a great way to try everything the house has to offer in a moderate fashion.

Rule 4: Eat!
Most of the stops on your crawl will offer great food, too. So why not try some? Appetizers are always a good choice, as large meals will just bog you down. Choose foods that go well with the beers you’re trying. And remember, food on the stomach inhibits the absorption of alcohol.

Rule 5: Drink Water!
Alcohol dehydrates, so it’s important to “space” your beers out with glasses of water and re-hydrate. Then too, you’ll want to cleanse the palate between samples to fully appreciate the flavor of each.

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