The MagLite 2 D-Cell Flashlight: Lighting Your Way Through The Darkness

May 5, 2008 (Updated May 5, 2008)
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Pros:The best combination of features for a flashlight you can find.


The Bottom Line: If you buy one flashlight in your life, make it this one.

Having used a variety of “family” flashlights across the years, this one is just about the best. The thing I like the most about the MagLite is its strength and durability. It is made of aluminum and it will take a lot of punishment across the years and it will not let you down.

Here are the features of the unit:

1. The light beam is high-intensity and it is adjustable, from spot to flood.

2. The rubberized, waterproof switch is pushbutton, recessed, and it is self cleaning. Pressing the button givers you three options. First, you can press it for temporary light, then let it go and it goes off. Second you can press it all the way down until it clicks and the light beam will stay on. Then, third, you can press it again until it clicks and it will shut off.

3. Inside the tail cap there is a spare bulb.

4. The unit is water and shock resistant.

5. The case material is tough aluminum, much stronger than plastic.

6. Anodized internally and externally, the flashlight will be resistant to corrosion or oxidization.

7. High quality rubber seals protect every opening.

8. The power is computer-balanced with the optics for maximum performance.

9. The unit is covered by a lifetime warranty.

10. It is manufactured in the USA and used by professionals worldwide.

There is a lot to like about the MagLite. The company makes several in several different sizes, but the thing that sets the 2-D-cell light apart is that it is probably the best all-around balance in a light you would want. The Mini-Mags are probably too small unless you are camping and the big MagLites that carry 3-4 D-batteries are normally too big and bulky. I do have a big red one in my home but that’s another story. The 2-D-cell units I have go into the glove boxes of the vehicles and we know that they are there when we need them. Kids and small persons can handle them too.

They are not tremendously expensive at around $17.00. Sure, you can buy cheaper flashlights, for, say, a third that price. But a good flashlight can be a lifesaver in the darkness. Along with the light factor, these metal units can also double as a club in a confrontation with a predator, whether it has four legs or two.

Its size is 12.9 x 5 x 2.2 inches and with batteries it weighs 2 pounds. This may indeed be the world’s best flashlight. Some night in your future you will need something like this, and I hope you have it handy.Years from now it will still be lighting the way.

Five Stars/ *****

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