Crash em smash em

May 7, 2008
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Pros:graphics are good fun and entertaining game

Cons:bad music fake damage

The Bottom Line: I would recommend for people who like to race with a little excitement. Racing is no fun unless you can knock them out of your way.

I've always loved the crashing games it's no fun racing if you can't have some fun. I like burnout 3 for this reason. It has all kinds of different races from one on one to racing against five others there's even some tracks where all you do is crash and cause everyone else to crash. They offer different awards like snapshots postcards but basically just go for the gold medal on every race. The crash damage is pretty fake but the car handling is great and you get all kinds of different models to choose from. You can race in the U.S, Europe, or Asia. Me and the kids play all the time it's about the only game I play now. I do wish they would pick some better driving music though I've never heard of any of the groups or the music they use. I tend to drive much better with music I like so I just mute the game and turn on my music. The graphics are pretty good but could be better. In my own opinion though if you like racing games where crashing is allowed instead of penalized this is the game to play. I love seeing how many times I can take out the opponent. Racing is just no fun unless you can give them a little bump. This game is great for getting rid of your road rage and no one gets hurt.

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