A solid cheapo blender!

May 24, 2008
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Pros:-Cheap -Great ice crushing -Easy Clean-up

Cons:-Boring appearance

The Bottom Line: For the price, this blender is amazing--a great addition to your summer picnic!

I bought this blender about a year ago before a party. I wanted it to make Margaritas and honestly, it was so cheap that I didn’t have any great expectations for its performance or longevity. I thought of it as basically disposable and crossed my fingers that it made it through the party without breaking or spraying margarita all over my kitchen. I was delighted to be proven wrong—the blender keeps on kicking (a year later) and works at least as well as my mom’s snooty blender which was four times the price. Granted, it’s not exactly a showpiece for the kitchen, and I usually keep it out of sight in a cabinet when it’s not actively blending something.

The blender effectively, though not quietly, crushes ice and doesn’t leave any annoying chunks behind when making drinks or smoothies. I usually use the highest setting and the pulse feature to get things totally smooth. Occasionally, I have to take a spatula to a lingering piece of banana at the top, but overall, the crushing/blending actions are satisfactory. The glass canister is pretty heavy and generally keeps drinks cold for a little bit. I used it to chop nuts once, and it also stood up nicely to that task.

It breaks up pretty easily and runs well in the dishwasher, so clean-up is really simple. This cheap little blender turned out to be a competent workhorse—I’m glad I bought it!

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