Can't beat Mr. Coffee

May 26, 2008 (Updated Dec 1, 2008)
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Pros:Excellent coffee, ease of use, great carafe.

Cons:Brew pause and strength selector don't work.

The Bottom Line: Excellent value coffee maker.

My wife and I decided to buy an automatic coffee maker after a year of using more manual coffee makers (first a vacuum pot, then a french press) because we grew tired of babysitting our caffeine first thing in the morning. We both had had good luck with Mr. Coffee in the past so decided on this one. So far, we are very happy. The coffee has a good flavor, it's rocket hot(the coffee, not the machine), the timer is easy to set, and it has the best thermal carafe I have ever seen. One morning, we only got to about half of our coffee before we had to leave. The next day I poured out the old coffee to make a new pot and found the old stuff was still fairly warm. It wasn't anywhere near hot enough to drink mind you, but the fact that it had detectable heat after something like 15 hours is remarkable. I also like the audible alarm feature, so on Sunday mornings we can be lazy and the coffee maker will let us know when it's ready. The included water filter is kind of useless, it is supposed to filter out any chlorine in the water. Our water tastes good, so I can't tell the difference but if your tap water tastes like a swimming pool it may help.
The brew pause feature doesn't seem to work, I remove the pot and I still get a nice stream of hot coffee on my counter. The brew strength selector has no effect on the coffee that I could taste. The carafe has a button you have to push to dispense the coffee and it is a little hard to push. It's okay for me, but it may be an issue for some. We've had it for two months now and are very pleased. I haven't used the auto-clean feature yet so I can't comment on that.

12/1/08-Update:  Apparantly, you can beat Mr. Coffee-my machine died about 2 weeks ago. The heating mechinisim malfunctioned causing the unit to continously boil the water in the tank instead of in pulses as it did before.  The result is about half of the water in the tank ends up being boiled off into steam instead of making coffee.  I know is isn't limed up because I cleaned it about a month before.  Incidentally, the self clean feature is easy to use if a bit time consuming.  Shamefully, I lost the reciept so I cannot get warrantly service and therefore cannot comment on that process. 

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