Cooks Food But Terrible Display

May 30, 2008
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Some of the features are great on this unit like the one touch buttons to heat a beverage or pop popcorn.

However, the display (clock, cooktime etc) is mounted so far back behind the surface of the microwave's case I can't even read it when I'm standing right in front of it without crouching down. And mine is perched about 8 inches above 'countertop level'. How the idiots who designed this product didn't correct this obvious defect is hard to imagine. If you are like me you like to use the microwave as the 'clock' for the kitchen. Well just forget about it. The viewing angle is so bad you have to be standing at least four feet back from the unit and no more than 30 degrees off to the side to see it. What a stupid design flaw in an otherwise pretty good product.

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