The best earbuds for the money.

Jun 4, 2008
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Pros:noise isolation at a cheap price

Cons:they aren't free?

The Bottom Line: If you want a good pair of earbuds spend the money to get these noise isolation ones

These little earbuds are simply amazing. I hate traditional earbuds because they lack the sound performance and they hurt my ears. These are ear canal earbuds which means that they stick right in your ear canal and no sound is lost. Because they are snug fit you get what is called noise isolation which blocks out the outside noise. Noise isolation is better than noise cancellation in my opinion because it is cheaper and it does not use batteries. These earbuds come with three types of rubber heads depending on the size of your ear canal: small, medium and large. The sound performance is more than I expected and because I picked these up so cheap I really did not expect to find a good sound quality. The cable is coated with this rubbery surface that does not bend easily which is very nice because it helps the cable stay more straight than curled up. These earbuds are still very small yet the noise isolation that they offer is amazing. You can use it cycling, at the gym while working out or simply while you take a walk through the park. Be careful though because you will not hear outside noises if you have music playing.

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