General Electric JVM1750SMSS …This Micro Delivers Big!

Jun 13, 2008
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Pros:Reasonably Priced, Feature Laden


The Bottom Line: There’s no surprises here, the GE JVM1750SMSS is a reasonably priced microwave that delivers on the features that today’s consumers demand.

Over the range microwaves are becoming the norm these days, once only a high end feature that few of us could justify until our first generation behemoth microwaves bit the dust. When they first came out, many folks had great aspirations to do all their cooking in minutes in the microwave. They went as far as buying a full set of cookware and then realized that there was a lot to be desired in the results. It wasn’t too long before we went back to doing it the old fashioned way and relegated the microwave to limited cooking and heating duty.

We installed a General Electric JVM1750SMSS Microwave Oven over a Profile range in a recent project with great results leading to a high end looking kitchen with a practical microwave solution.

A Closer Look

The 1.7 cu. ft.JVM1750SMSS is a good candidate for an economic compromise between a unit that is so overloaded with features you will never use and one that is spartan in that department; the 1000 watt JVM1750SMSS is the perfect unit for most applications.


Time Cook -
Express Cook - 6 settings i.e press control number 1 for 1 minute, # 2 for 2 minutes etc.
Power Level - 1-10 power levels
Add 30 Seconds
Popcorn - 3 mode for 1.75, 3.0 & 3.5 oz.
Beverage - up to three beverages

The multi function keypad doubles as a food type selection interface or as a unit of time with each number 1-9 assigned an individual value. Here is the only area where a slight learning curve is involved. You will get a sense of what the appropriate food type numbers are after reviewing the 40 page manual, but that should be the only area where you may want to keep the manual on habd for reference as all other features are standard fare.

The light below offers two settings including full and nightlight power levels. The underside lamps are located under the underside the front of the unit making for easy access when replacing. Life of the bulbs can stretch as far as 6-8 months with sparing use or every other month if you utilize the nightlight feature. I have seen energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs for appliances that would fit, but they are hard to come by. There is a ready alarm signal that is adjustable to three levels and a mute according to your individual preference.

Physical Considerations

Installing the JVM1750SMSS is relatively easy. Generally two people make the job fly by where one person may struggle especially lining up the 52 lb. unit with the included template which requires one person to hold and one person to set the drill marks, which can take a few tries. Measuring 16 3/16” x 15 5/32” x 29 7/8” , the JVM1750SMSS installs 2” above the highest surface of whatever range you are working with, up to about 66” optimum height, give or take 1-2 inches. With the current trend for higher rear consoles on today’s ranges, it has become a bit challenging to install it under soffit wall cabinets and still fit a standard cabinet above and make no mistake, the installation requires fitting to the underside of a cabinet that can support its weight. In the last couple of years, microwaves have gotten taller with 16” heights the norm impedes on useable space more so than in years past where they were closer to 15 inches so it should not be taken for granted that it will simply fit your new cabinet install!

The JVM1750SMSS comes in four trim choices:

1. Black
2. White
3. Bisque
4. Stainless Steel

A beefy handle matches most standard and Profile units making it a natural over most GE ranges.

Venting is always an issue and GE offers two solutions wither external or internal venting through a topside, replaceable charcoal filter. In addition there are twin grease filters underside that can easily be taken out and cleaned under hot water and detergent.

Trial Under Fire

It’s not hat the JVM1750SMSS is better than its competitors, it simply delivers the results you demand from a product that you expect better than a decades service from with great panache.

I like the fact that it delivers some of the features we have come to expect so well, like its ability to not only cook popcorn with a single tap but a baked potato as well. I like the numeric keypads multi functionality as well as the concurrent programming capability. Its motor and fan work quieter, the installation is easier than models that laid the foundation today’s GE microwave legacy. There are some newer features like a cooling fan to keep the underside of the JVM1750SMSS cool. The 13.5 inch turntable is big enough for a large dinner plate. These are just a few reasons to consider this unit. The underlying reason is the GE penchant for quality, service, and features.

Granted we have all moved away from the notion that we would cook all our meals in the microwave, and there may be times when we don’t use it for days, but if you have to have one, I like a GE product over my range and the JVM1750SMSS is as good as any.

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