Same major Defect, do not buy this unit.

Jun 15, 2008
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Cons:Long drying time, fire hazard due to over-heating on cheap bearings. Very light duty.

The Bottom Line: Due to the possibility of a fire from over heating, and the horrible squeaking sound I would say avoid this and spend the extra $$ for a quality unit.

We have had our dryer (and washer stack unit) for just over a year now. We need it in the small condo we are in. Now that it is out of the warranty period, I am getting the same HORRID screeching sound from the failure of the bushing that many others have complained about. It started a couple of months ago as a very small faint ticking sound as the drum rotated. As time went on it progressed to sometimes a full on loud squeal, or chirping loudly as the drum went around. During prolonged operation one day the dryer got extremely hot and I noted a burning type of smell coming from somewhere around the unit. I am not even going to bother with trying to salvage the unit, a repair would likely cost near as much as the dryer did itself, and I would likely be stuck with the same problem a year from now. I am scrapping it for something much more reliable. The extra $$ is worth it. Aside from that flaw, it is slow to dry clothes. Unless you plan to dry one or two articles of clothing at a time, expect long drying times. I realize that this is a compact unit, but I am talking about a normal sized load for what the dryer size calls for. I would say Maytag should be issuing a recall on this to have that part replaced.

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