Great grill, I've been converted to charcoal forever!

Jun 20, 2008
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Pros:Heat efficient, assembly is so easy.

Cons:Lid not attached, no outside thermometer.

The Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend this grill. It uses coals very efficiently and is super easy to clean.

I love this grill. It's simple but great. The first charcoal grill I bought was much bigger than this one and had many extras. I ended up returning it in only 2 weeks. I bought this one instead and I absolutely love it.

Number one, it was very easy to put together. We had it together in less than five minutes.

It's is very heat efficient. It maintains the heat very well and therefore does not waste a lot of coals.

The grilling grate hinges and lifts on both sides so that you can easily add coals if you need to. I've found that you only have to add coals if you're cooking for longer than an hour.

The grill is super easy to clean. All of the ash goes into the ash pot on the bottom. It easily removes and empties out. Nice small size makes it easy to empty.

It has wheels to help you move it around a little. Do not use the wheels to move it very far. It is top heavy and if you lift it up at too much of an angle it will roll right on over and leave you with some scratches.

Shelf on the bottom has come in very handy. We usually store our chimney starter and gloves on it.

If I was designing it, I would add a thermometer. I've also purchased the tool holder that hangs on the side. It's a very good addition, although the shelf on the bottom will work for this purpose. The legs seems a little flimsy when we were putting it together but we've haven't had any problems and everything seems okay. I think I would also figure out a great way to attach the lid so that you don't have to sit it on the ground.

I am very happy with the purchase overall. I am especially happy with it's efficiency of using coals. Most of the time the coals still have a little life left in them when we are done.

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