Political Correctness Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Doc's p.c. W/O)

May 10, 2005

The Bottom Line When have I ever not been politically correct?

Okay, so the good doctor wants my thoughts on politically correct thinking. Let's see when I was doing poetry readings in the early 90s, I had a few thoughts. As early as 1991, I had a poem written called F*** the Politically Correct. I can remember a music club in New York called Wetlands Preserve. They would advertise that they held politically correct poetry readings. Uh, uh! George Schaefer just walked into the building. Political correctness doesn't live here anymore.

So let's get started with this situation.

1. What words do I choose to get offended by?

It usually requires a string of words and bad intent for me to get offended and it's really a case by case process. As for specific words aimed at my own group. I'm half Irish and half German. I often refer to myself as McKraut so I don't take things too seriously.

2. Am I actually part of the group that the words are aimed at?

Usually I'm offended in a situation when a person is being directly diminished. As a fellow human being that would make me part of the group being attacked.

3. Why do I take offense at them?

Again, it's really a situation thing. When a person is being directly belittled and harmed, it is upsetting to me. It's not based on the words themselves. It's based on potential consequences that might arise.

4. too lazy to type all. Can I make the word Jew positive?

It already is a positive word. Members of the Jewish faith are Jews. It's tragic that the word itself has become derogatory to some. Imagine if you could belittle a person merely by calling them Italian or Baptist. Although I have to admit that I sometimes feel disparaged when someone calls me a Poet. Perish the thought, please. Jews should be proud of who they are and of their heritage.

5. Black is beautiful. I have oriented myself to like Asians. Jewish wry is delicious. His panic is better than her panic. What was the question here? I think there are many positives with every culture and group. There are also negatives. To paraphrase a bard named Bill, human is a giddy thing.

6. Positives out of derogatory slurs.

Lenny Bruce believed that by using slurs often we can reduce their power to hurt. I guess that's true. A lot of uppity homosexuals have co-opted the word queer. Now us heteros have to find a new word to make fun of them. I guess I'll go smoke a f*g and think it over.

7. Another long one.

I'll relate some of my experiences with spoken word/poetry readings. I have often used racial slurs in my writing. If it fits the context of the story or poem, I have to use it. You have to trust your audience will be intelligent enough to understand the context. I actually found when I did readings that European Americans were squirming more than colored people when I dealt with racial matters. I have screamed the "N" word in front of predominantly black audiences and lived to tell about it. I also offended a lot of crackers with the "W" word that rhymes with the "N" word. A lot of African Americans were quite amused by my poem W!gger Piece of Sh!t. The bleeding heart white liberals are the ones who are bigoted because they're not giving African Americans credit for being smart enough to understand the intent of the work.

Generally, I address my black friends by their names. But I've found that bleeding heart white liberals are the ones who cry the most at my refusal to waste my breath on a seven syllable term like African American when the one syllable word black works just fine. D@mn, Wonder Bread! Nearly every day at work, I have to pow wow with negro friends to discuss the guests on the Howard Stern show that morning. I don't think terminology is all that important.

People are always getting bent out of shape over little things. I don't have time to worry about it. I recently had some people in work upset because of a joke. I was telling someone about the Frank Zappa statue in Vilnius. I joked that I broke out one of those little carpets that Muslims use to pray on and knelt before the statue praying. Apparently someone believed that I actually did this and felt I was belittling Muslims. Come on, people, would Frank approve of me behaving in such a manner?

I could probably continue rambling on this subject but I'm getting bored. I'm still a first amendment boy at heart but you do need to know when to quit. And for this review, that time is now.

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