Do not buy this piece of junk unless you enjoy being aggravated

Jun 23, 2008 (Updated Jul 1, 2008)
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I purchased this refrigerator in August of 2005. Went on vacation in early June for 12 days,and came home to find that it had stopped cooling and that most of the food had spoiled.I couldn't fix it myself and decided to contact the company.Here's where the fun begins.

As this is an off-brand there are only 2 authorized repair centers in my area.Both had a week's waiting time. I recontacted the company and asked for additional assistance;mentioning that this product was less than three years old and how disappointed I was.There was no care or concern at all;they only mentioned how the " warranty" expired after only 12 months,even the sealed systems.So I finally had the service people over today.They found that the coil controlling the fan motor burned out. A $10 part at most .Repairs would cost $220-on a product that I paid $300 for.I am getting a new Whirlpool and will review it at a later date.

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