Jun 26, 2008
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Pros:I would have liked to know the pros.


The Bottom Line: Never buy a summit. They arrive damaged and the company treats you poorly.

I would have loved to own this appliance. We ordered this appliance first from We received TWO DAMAGED refrigerators. We could not accept either one of them because they had holes right through the packaging into the refrigerators themselves. The Beverage Factory then REFUSED TO SEND US ANOTHER ONE!

WE then ordered the refrigerator from AGAIN IT ARRIVED DAMAGED! It looked like a forklift had run into the back of it.

The packaging from both companies was the same and there were two different shipping companies used by the two companies. I believe the damage is occurring at the manufacturing plant in NYC. WE WERE THEN TOLD THAT SUMMIT REFUSES TO SEND US ANY MORE APPLIANCES!

I cannot begin to explain how exasperated I am by this situation. Instead of trying to find out why we received three damaged refrigerators, instead of falling over themselves apologizing to us (customers who sincerely want to own their product) they BLACKLISTED US. I cannot tell you how frustrated and angry I am by this treatment.

Do NOT order from Summit. If this is how they handle this type of situation, I cannot imagine that their customer service would be very good if the appliance actually needed repairs.

This is no way to treat customers, it is no way to run a business, and we certainly won't ever think about purchasing a Summit ever again. Nor will any of our friends. Nor will any of you readers if you are sane. It is true when marketers say that an unhappy customer tells EVERYONE about how unhappy they are.

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