Rude Parents, Rude Children

May 16, 2005

The Bottom Line If you are one of these parents, you are not doing your child any favors.

Call me old fashioned, but I believe children learn from example. If a parent does something that is not o.k., the children of that parent will follow his or her lead. If a parent ignores inappropriate behavior, that behavior will definitely continue.

My son was invited to a party for Children who have cancer or are in remission. It is an annual event held by the American Cancer Society. Everything is free for the families of the children that are invited to this "invitation only" event. There's face painting, free food, games, crafts, and tons and tons of prizes. Each child that was invited received a ticket to get a fabulous prize from a huge trailer that was filled with new toys. There were many people there without name tags on. Everyone who is supposed to be there know all about the name tags. There are also signs all over the place that say "Private Event". In civilized society you would think that would be enough to keep the uninvited out. Nooooooo. The first interlopers I encountered was after my son played basketball. He went over to the prizes to pick one out and there were three kids rumaging through the stack of toys. Their dad was encouraging them to pick a good one. This dad turned to me and asked me who put this event on, and I told him it was put on by the American Cancer Society for children with cancer. I, knowing what the answer would be, nicely asked him which of his children had cancer. Of course he said "None, we just walked on up." I told him that the party was invitation only. One of the volunteers over heard him talking to me, and the police officers at the event made him and his kids leave. People who weren't invited were getting their kids faces painted, playing games, getting free food. It made me crazy. Finally, I lost it on someone at the toy trailer. My son went in with his dad, and this guy asked me what they were doing in there. when I told him the kids were picking a toy, so he took his kids to the front of the line. The volunteers told them they couldn't come in without a ticket. He asked me how to get a ticket, and I told him "one of your kids has to have cancer." He acted puzzled. I informed him that this party was for children with cancer, telling him "It's really very rude of you to bring your children into a place that has "private event" signs everywhere. It's disgusting that you are raising your kids this way." He took his kids and walked away. I was disgusted with these people. It's not about being greedy and not letting these other people in, but this
event was not for those people.

On Mother's Day, we went to the beach to listen to the symphony. They were playing for free. A few vendors were set up, including a boat dealership. The dealership had two boats on display. Children were jumping on, and climbing all over these boats. They were eating food in them, jumping from one to the other, honking the horn(interference for those who were actually there to hear the symphony), I even saw a local newscaster allowing his child to run around and jump in these boats. The boats were rocking as if they were going to flip over, which is what my husband was hoping for. A few children got hurt, but that didn't stop them. Security didn't even stop them. And where were all the parents? Right there, cheering these wild animals on. It was disgusting. This was not only rude to the boat dealer, and the people who were there to see the show, but it was also extremely unsafe.

I have seen children treat restaurants like garbage cans while the parents sat eating and talking amongst themselves. I have seen children hit their parents with no discipline. I have come home to find a neighbor from three doors down and her children playing in our yard. I have seen enough. It makes me sick. My child is no angel, but I have been complimented many times on how well he behaves. I feel pretty confident I'm doing a good job, but I'm sure all of these parents I'm pointing out in this all think that they are superb parents.

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