Great For Tall Parents

Jul 7, 2008
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Pros:Tall, reclining seat, light weight, sturdy.

Cons:Expensive, no cup holder.

The Bottom Line: Buy this stroller, dont waste your money on cheap disposables.

From the people that make jets, here is a great, reliable and fashionable stroller. After a lot of research, I finally settled on this stroller (mine is brown). It is one of the tallest umbrella strollers on the market, my husband is 6'5" and has no problem pushing it, I am 5'10" and think it is the perfect height. I highly recommend this stroller for anyone on the tall side. It is the sturdiest umbrella stroller I have looked at and is super easy to push in the mall and around tight isles. It is designed to stay upright when I put my diaper or shopping bag on the handle, even with really heavy bags I have no fear of it tipping. I love the reclining seat, beware many strollers do not have this, so when my daughter falls asleep I can be sure she is really comfortable. I have also heard of moms changing their children in them but I have not gotten the chance to yet. I also am happy that it came with a rain cover which happens to be super easy to slip on and quickly take off. And, of course I must mention the stigma of having a quality name brand product. I do have to admit I love walking around pushing my baby in a MaClaren.

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