The Plantronics 925 Performs As Advertised.

Jul 9, 2008 (Updated Jul 25, 2008)
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Pros:Easy to use, comfortable, light weight, slim styling, long battery life.

Cons:For my purposes, I can't think of any down-side.

The Bottom Line: If you're not on the phone constantly, want a BT with light weight, style, noise reduction, long battery life and comfortable, then the Plantronics 925 is a great choice.

Due to State driving laws that went into effect July 1, I had to give in to new technology if I wanted to talk while driving. I read, and read, and read, company as well as user reviews of what are claimed to be the best Bluetooths, and all their Pros and Cons. My conclusion was that none of the Bluetooths made everyone happy in every category: looks, voice quality, comfort, ease of use of functions, noise reduction, connectivity and range.

So, before I start talking about my acquisition of the Plantronics 925, let me lay a little groundwork leading to my review.

I think I probably fit into a category I'll classify as occasional phone user. By that I mean I don't spend countless hours chit-chatting with every person or family member in my phone book every day. There's a couple calls from the wife, a couple from the kids, a couple from my friends and a couple personal "other" calls. Therefore, the real reason for my getting a Bluetooth is basically to abide by the new driving laws, the occasional times I'm in noisy areas, or when I need to be hands-free while doing some domestic chore or task. Otherwise, I'll just use the phone to the ear technique (how quaint). I mean, it's usually with me/on me anyway.

In my opinion (imagine expressing my opinion in Epinions), unless you're a corporate rep. or media type, or someone that is constantly on the cell phone, and/or maybe multi-tasking, then your actual need to rely on a Bluetooth is realistically and honestly minimal. If you want one because you think it's trendy or cool to have one stuck your ear day and night, then knock yourself out trying to find the best that suits your needs and wants.

With my use characteristics, of major concern is voice quality and noise reduction. While driving or in noisy areas, I think it does a fine job eliminating background noise, and keeps the voice quality nice. The Plantronics 925 does a fine job in these areas. As the 925 is not in my ear for hours on end, of lesser importance, but still important, is fit and comfort. It comes with three different size flexible eargel pieces that will fit most everyone's ear. Although it's not designed to actually go into the ear canal, the voice quality is very nice, and it doesn't have the need for the ear loop piece most others require. I can pop into my ear in a heartbeat without hooking the ear loop over/behind the ear, and much to surprise, it stays put and won't fall out no matter hard I shake my head. That's impressive.

The Plantronics 925 is very light weight, and doesn't look or feel bulky when wearing it. Getting accustomed to the use of the multifunction button doesn't take a Master's Degree, and it paired quickly and easily with my Samsung M520. As for battery life, you really can use it for 4 or 5 hours talking, and standby time should be in the neighborhood of the stated 7ish days without recharging.

Recharging has a few different options, from the included wall charger to the USB charger from your computer. The latter of which however will take 2 to 3 times the amount of time to obtain a full charge. The cool thing is that that the "travel case" I'll call it, also has a battery in it, that will give your 925 one recharge on the fly. Both can be recharged separately, or together by placing the Bluetooth unit into the case, and charging the case.

Styling is matter of personal preference, and there's a style to suit everyone. I personally like the slim look of the 925, even though it may look a bit like a paper clip. Some of you may like the stubby, bulky, heavy, "macho" look of some others like Blueant Z9i, or the highly touted Jawbone. Again, it's "whatever floats your boat".

Well, there you have it from my end. It's not say other BT's wouldn't do just as good a job in my case, but I know the Plantronics 925 fulfills my requirements nicely.

P.S. I'm going to buy a new Jawbone 2 Noise Assissin to try, and will write a comparison review. My wife wants a BT too, and she'll take whichever I don't use. Gotta love 'er!

UPDATE: 07/25/08

I said I was going to buy a Jawbone 2 Noise Assassin and do a comparison: give the wife whichever one I didn't want to use. But the more I've used this Plantronics Discovery 925, I honestly can't see wasting my time or money.

Since I've had this 925, I've found it to be everything you could ask of a Bluetooth. Amoung everything stated before, with my Samsung M520, I can voice dial, and I am notified of the incoming caller's ID by voice. I was with a group of other people that had their Bluetooths on, and I got a call from my wife in the middle of our conversation. I said, "excuse me, I have a call from my wife". The person wearing a Jawbone said, "it has voice caller ID?". Maybe the Jawbone paired to my Samsung M520 would do the same, but I know the 925 is sure thing.

I don't leave it on 24/7. When I don't need to use the bluetooth, I turn it off. I've had it since 7/1, and just yesterday had to recharge it. Turning it on and off is as simple as putting in on and pushing and holding down on the multi-function button for about 4 seconds. You hear descending series of tones (off), and ascending series of tones (on). If you turn it on and off while off the ear, a solid red LED light means it's turned off, and a solid blue LED light means it's turned on.

Another thing I've noticed about the range of Bluetooths is that range is greatly dependent upon what's between you and your cell phone. Greatest range is achieved unobstructed. The more that's blocking the way from direct line of sight (walls, rooms, floore, furniture, etc.), the shorter the range. I see many reviews of Bluetooths with complaints about range, and it's probably because they have alot blocking the signal. As I have my phone either nearby, or on my hip (or in your purse for you ladies), range should not be an issue.

So, I'll just buy another Plantronics Discovery 925 for the wife, but probably in the Cerise or Gold color as it's more feminine and we'll both be content. You really can't go wrong with the Plantronics 925. Happy Days to all!

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