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Jul 12, 2008
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Pros:Excellent for cooking; limits flare-ups; excellent customer service; electronic ignition, night light.

Cons:Expensive; warming rack interferes with back cooking surface, can be messy requires periodic cleaning.

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend this grill. It is easy to use, produces excellent results, and Weber Customer Service is stellar.

Originally I had desired to purchase a shiny new stainless steel grill with all the bells and whistles for about $350. But after reading all the reviews on grills I quickly learned that most do not use quality materials and use cheap quality stainless steel that will discolor and begin to rust from the start. (If you want to know if it is quality stainless, use a magnet, if the magnet sticks to the stainless, it is the lower grade stainless). One thing that was consistent in all the reviews was that Weber makes quality grills with superior materials that produce excellent cooking results. The next thing I learned was that you will pay for that quality. There is nothing cheap about a Weber including the price. Despite the fact that I had my heart set on a shiny stainless model, I decided Weber was the way I really should go. This was reinforced by friends and co-workers that owned Weber grills who could not praise them highly enough. Since I still did not want to spend more than $350, I selected the Weber Q320.

I ordered the grill through Amazon.com. Assembly was very easy, taking me about 45 minutes unassisted. However, I was disappointed to learn that there was a gas leak in the manifold due to a bad bend in a piece of tubing. (Make sure you perform the leak test on any new grill!). I contacted Weber Customer Support and to their credit, they shipped an entire new manifold assembly to me overnight at their cost, no questions asked. I could tell there was a slight design change in the new manifold; I suspect I must have originally received a grill with an old design. After changing out the manifold assembly, the grill fired up with no problems.

This grill cooks foods better than any other grill I have ever owned. It sears in juices unlike I had ever experienced before. The grill design prevents flare-ups which was always a main problem I had experienced with all previous grills. Chicken was tender and juicy, steaks cook to perfection. I have been utterly amazed at how well this grills cooks; no wonder people and reviewers rave about Weber grills.

What don't I like about the grill? In my opinion you have to put more effort into keeping it clean although they do come with replaceable drip pans for trapping grease. But that may just be because they do not cover up the grease by using lava rock or some other method.

For the money, you will get fewer bells and whistles from a Weber grill than a comparably priced shiny new one at Sears or your local hardware superstore. But as the reviewers told me, you get what you pay for. I do not believe you will be disappointed with this grill, once you get over the initial price shock.

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