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WALL-E great movie but not for everyone

Jul 12, 2008 (Updated Jul 12, 2008)
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Pros:Excellent story

Cons:Some scenes get a bit loud

The Bottom Line: Pack up your older kids and go

A G-rated film that it’s best not to bring the whole family too? Yep, that’s my recommendation for WALL-E. It may be Pixar and Disney but it’s not for everyone.

The Film

Get to the movie on time. There is a short about a magician, his rabbit, and two hats.

Many, many, many, many years in the future the earth is deserted. We see signs of “Buy N Large”, a chain store that seems to run the world. There are no blue skies or green grass anywhere. All that we see is trash piled so high that it almost covers a wind farm.

Alone in the world is WALL-E (Waste Allocation Lift Loader, Earth-Class). This battered and dirty robot spends his days compacting trash and make trash sky scrapers, playing with his pet cockroach, collecting souvenirs and watching Hello Dolly. Then one day a huge space ship arrives and leaves behind a sleek EVE (short for Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator). After a rough meeting the two robots have a connection which is almost destroyed when WALL-E shows EVE the plant he found.

Soon EVE and WALL-E are on a space ship filled with refugees from Earth. Humans have evolved not for the better and robots tend to their every need. Soon WALL-E and EVE are helping the humans to stop existing and start living.

My Thoughts

This really and truly is a wonderful movie. I thought the pacing was perfect – I never thought the movie dragged or went to fast. The handling of the relationship of the two robots was great – I could really see it happening.

I had read reviews comparing the second half of the movie as a blend of
An Inconvenient Truth and Supersize Me. I can see why those reviewers may have said or thought that; however, I feel like they were just scratching the surface. The themes of man over machine, love over duty, and the power of touch seemed to be the main points. Even though humans weren’t the main characters – humanity and what makes us human shined throughout the movie.

There were many jokes that I’m sure went over the heads of young (under 18 year olds). The auto-pilot spoke lines from Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Allusions to Airplane and Bladerunner were also occurred. But then the kids might of caught the references to Toy Story and The Incredible that I missed.

The animation was incredible. Some of it didn’t seem to be animation – it was so realistic. Other times it was whimsical. When I saw Monsters, Inc. , I remember being in awe of the animation when I could see every piece of fur on Sully move that it actually took my mind off of the movie. I was so into this movie that I never stopped to comment on it.

WALL-E and EVE have limited vocabulary so there isn’t much dialogue for the bulk of the movie; however there is sound and music. The music added to every scene.

Unfortunately there were scenes where the sound effects got loud and -- for many of the toddlers in the theatre we were in – scary. There were three two year olds around us that kept talking during the movie. After the loud scenes, one of them threw a complete fit (that it took her father at least seven minutes to remove her from the theatre). We could hear other kids crying briefly.

Monkey Girl’s Thoughts

Wow! Second movie in a row Monkey Girl hasn’t had to escape to the bathroom because she was bored.

“I give it five stars. It was so funny because it had lots of weird scenes. I liked it when Mo made strange sounds. I recommend it for ages five and up because we heard some kids under five screaming. I want to see it again as many times as I could because it was so funny.”

Final Recommendation

If you’ve not seen WALL-E yet, why haven’t you? I would even recommend adults without kids take in a screening – I know I would have enjoyed it without Monkey Girl around. It’s romantic enough to be great for a date night.

If you have toddlers or young preschoolers that don’t like loud sounds, do everyone a favor and wait for it on video. While the pacing was great for me and a ten year old, there many not be enough visually for a toddler, keep them at home.

So yes, I’m saying “Go see this G-rated movie without young ones” This is a movie best for kids five and above.

Recommend this product? Yes

Worst Part of this Film: Nothing

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