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Sears Solutions Mastercard Scam

Jul 13, 2008
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Pros:Not a single thing

Cons:Fraud in the inducement. Taking advantage of Sears good name. No resolution with HSBC.

The Bottom Line: Avoid the $15 enticement to sign up for this card. They switch to HSBC and charge outrageously. This Mastercard company will severely injure Sears. No resolve currently.

My nephew who is an Eagle Scout and graduated High School on the Honor Roll (i.e. he's no dummy) signed up for this card after being told specifically there were no charges, hidden or otherwise. Due to him being just 18, the Card application was flipped to HSBC. These people know exactly what they are doing. They entice young people to sign up for the card at the local trusted Sears store telling them its a good way to start their credit, plus they will get $15 off of anything in the store. Being thrifty, my nephew picked out an inexpensive pair of shorts. What they don't tell the unsuspecting youth is that they will be adding a $59.95 annual fee to the purchase. After about a month and no billing, my nephew called the 800 number on the back of the card asking why he hadn't received a bill. They told him he owed them $87.52 which included a $59.95 annual fee. In calling HSBC to clear up the matter, I was told that they could reduce the annual fee by half. No, I said, the fraudulent enticement should not cost anything at all and I would pay for the shorts and to close the Account. I next spoke to a Manager at HSBC that said they could not do anything with the account now as it had been closed and to remit the total bill of $87.52 for the pair of shorts. Talking to these people is mind-numbing. They don't care about anything but MONEY! I contacted Sears and spoke to one of their managers. Hopefully Sears recognizes the threat to their good name by the behaviour of HSBC Mastercard. No resolution as yet, but if anyone else has a similar problem, contact the local Sears Store manager and let them handle it. I agree with the previous writer that it is a scam but I don't think Sears is fully aware of the problem that HSBC is creating for them. Remember that Sears is one of the few stores that holds jobs open for our Vets when called to service.

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