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Jul 14, 2008
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Pros:Solidly built, Super Quiet, Cleans the dishes well.Beautiful.

Cons:Does not have a food grinder.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this dishwasher to anyone.I would also recommend that they purchase the extra warranty I just feel safer that way.

I have horrible dishwasher luck.The Last two dishwashers that I have purchased have been Lemons.One was a Whirlpool and one was a Kitchenaid.I returned the 1000 dollar Kitchenaid within two days because It ran one complete cycle and then refused to work again.And no,it was not a problem with the install.The Whirlpool lasted 6 months before the pump went out.It was repaired under warranty but then it broke down a year and a half later.Frustrated I told my Husband that I did not want to invest one penny in repairing the machine because it never cleaned the dishes well anyway.Bought Electrolux .So far I am pleased.I can not tell that it is running unless I put my ear to the door.Seems very well built.This model does not have a food grinder but I don't think thats a problem as I am an Old fashioned girl and I still rinse my dishes before loading them.I did look for reviews before purchasing and I could not find anything.So I am writing this so that skeptics will feel a little more at ease.I would compare this dishwasher to a Bosch. It seems like its more European in design.So far I am very impressed and very satisfied.Its wonderful to open the dishwasher and have truly clean dishes.The Quietness is just icing on the cake Just to be sure I purchased a Five year warranty.

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