Homelite 7 Amp Blower/Sweeper; AN EXCELLENT VALUE!!

Jul 19, 2008 (Updated Jul 19, 2008)
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Pros:Lightweight, simple machine, two speed

Cons:doesn't have the mph power of larger machines.

The Bottom Line: The Homelite 7amp bower is small lightweight and fills my needs. I recommend it. It's a great value.

I had a Toro leaf blower with vac that I was very happy with. Unfortunately it somehow disappeared from my yard. I decided to replace it with something inexpensive. I purchased the Homelite 7 Amp Leaf Blower at my local Home Depot. It was cheap enough at just $30 and powerful enough to do the basic sweep type blowing I needed.

Homelite Blower Basics

This is just a 7 amp motor so it's got about half to two thirds the mph speed of the more pricier blower/sweepers. It has two speeds of 120mph and 150mph. Even so, it's powerful enough for my basic sweeping of my driveway and patio area.

The Homelite brand has a red handle with a black detachable nozzle with a compressed oval opening of about two and a half inches. This tapers the air flow so it can build up speed and direct dust and light debris where I want it. That wand detaches with an easy press of a button.

I do like the weight of this machine. It's very light at just 5 lbs. It balances very well in the hand. It also has a front second handle for alleviating hand fatigue but the machine is so light I have never experienced such.

Built into the handle is one of those extension cord hook-up(they call it a cord retainer hook) that allows the female end of the cord to set into the machine with little possibility of separating. That happens to be a weak part of this kind of machine if the plug is allowed to constantly loosen and fall out. In doing so it can cause electrical arcs that melt down the male ends that are part of the blower. The electrical cord holder keeps that from happening. Be sure to use it!

Last Thoughts

This 7amp Homelite machine, model number UT42100, gives a two year warranty. I suppose I can't expect too much for thirty dollar leaf blower but I believe that's pretty good for the price.

Though the Homelite UT42100 electric Sweeper Blower isn't very powerful it's enough for my basic use. I don't tend to use it all that often, perhaps once a week or so. With this current machine I can no longer suck up leafs and mulch like I did with my old faithful Toro but there is a huge price difference and truth be told I never used the vac function much at all. It was a bit too clumsy. I also don't like gas powered engines on leaf blowers because they tend to be loud. I do have to pull a fifty foot extension cord around but I don't find that much of a problem for the area I use this sweeper.

I like the two speeds. The low is extremely quiet and the high gives me power. The 7 amps it draws doesn't take a lot of power. This is a small lightweight blower that blows leaves and light debris well and feels well balanced in my hand. The Homelite Blower fills my needs. I recommend it. I believe it happens to be an excellent value.

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