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Oct 19, 2001
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Pros:-Great Lyrics, -Great guitar tunes, -Great singing, Inspiring Lyrics, A Great CD...

Cons:Art has no cons

The Bottom Line: Every song on this CD is worth listening to. Download a couple songs, specifically Acoustic #3, Black Balloon, Iris, and Slide, and see what you think.

This CD has lots of brilliant music on it. When I came in to write a review on this CD, I saw that it had already earned a well deserved 4.5 stars. Many CDs have groups of songs that have similar beats, similar melodies, and boring, unimaginative lyrics. This is not one of those CDs. Personally I'm partial to the songs written and performed by John Rzenik on this CD, all of them. The ones by Robby Takac are ok, they might appeal a little bit more to people who are fond of Treble Charger, American Hi-Fi and similar bands, but I like Robby Takac's songs a little bit more... what can I say? I love Goo Goo Dolls = )

Here's a little breakdown of the songs found on this CD, and my score out of five I'd give that particular song. If you use a program like Morpheus, LimeWire, or Kazaa, I suggest you download the songs with a rating of 5. BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE LYRICS OF SONG, THEY'RE ONE OF THE BEST PARTS!:

Dizzy - 4
Dizzy is a really cool song, it has an interesting in your face intro, and works it's way between a sort of angry sounding lyrics, and a more heartfelt, sad chorus. I really like the drum beat, and the guitar is pretty good too, but there are much better examples of the Goo Goo Dolls later in the CD.

Slide - 5
Slide was one of their major hits, so you may have heard it before. This song has a very different feel from everything else on the CD. It's lyrics are slightly less dismal from everything else on the CD, and the music is less depressing, sort of like a brilliant sunlight after a horrible storm, it's definitely the most upbeat song on the CD. I highly suggest downloading this song, it gives a nice variety to the overall effect of the CD

Broadway - 5
Broadway has some very interesting clever lyrics on it. There's not much more to say about it. It's a good example of the Goo Goo Dolls style

January Friend - 3 1/2
I'd really like to give January Friend more than a 3. This song deserves something better, but I think that compared to the rest of this CD, this song is just sort of blah. As I said earlier in the review, if you like Treble Charger, American Hi-Fi or similar bands, check this song out. This is a very active, fun song, but as I said before, I'm not that partial to Robby Takac's songs.

Black Balloon - 5 1/2
I've reserved the rating "6" for my favorite song in the world, but Black Balloon is one of the best songs on the CD. If you download 2 songs off this CD to check it out, make absolutely sure that this is one of them. This song has awesome lyrics, great guitar work, and an amazing overall effect. There's not much more to say...

Bullet Proof - 4 1/2
This yet another great song (I need more adjectives to use in reviews like this besides "great"), with a lot of interesting songs. I can see how this could be someone's favorite song on the CD, but it's not quite mine. Don't get me wrong though, this is an awesome song, and if you have the time, defintely download this.

Amigone - 3 1/2
Another Robby Takac song, it's a bit different from January Friend, and this song has a good chance of growing on me, but I have about the same things to say. This might sounds a little bit more like Goo Goo Dolls than January Friend though, which is why it got a slightly better mark from me.

All Eyes On Me - 5
I was contemplating a four and a half as a rating for this song, but I can't honestly give this song such a low rating. This song has really great lyrics, and John Rzenik does some really interesting stuff with his voice (not synthesization or anything corny like that), so definitely download this song.

Full Forever - 4
This is one of the first times in a while that I've gone through this entire CD, and I always skip Full Forever for some reason. After listening to this song again, it's really good. It's a Robby Takac song, but I think it's up there along with Dizzy and Bullet Proof. I guess it grows on you. I like music that grows on you, maybe if I had listened to this song a little bit more often it would have gotten a 5.

Acoustic #3 - *6*
This is my favorite song in the world. It's got really heart-felt lyrics, and it's just a simple beautiful song. If you don't buy this CD, at least do yourself a favor and download this song.

Iris - 5 1/2
This was probably one of their biggest hits, and if you've followed Goo Goo Dolls at ALL, this is the song that you'll recognize. I love the lyrics in this song, everything about it. It's full of those little things in it that make a song from great to inspiring.

Extra Pale - 4
This is another Robby Takac song that I guess I underestimated, it's another one that grows on you. I really should have gone through the CD BEFORE I wrote this review. It's got some pretty good lyrics, and really good music.

Hate This Place - 5
This is a very Goo Goo Dolls song, and it's grown on me the most since I bought this CD. I really like the way John Rzenik sings this song. As with all the other songs on the CD, it has great (there's that word again) lyrics, and really good music. Again, if you have the time, download it. Period.

Man, I think I just told you to download every single song... I didn't mean to do that when I started the review. Maybe download the 5 songs I gave the highest rank, and if you like them, buy the CD, it's worth it. It's got a little booklet inside that has all the lyrics to the songs, so that you don't miss anything, and overall, it's one of the best CDs out there... if not simply the best CD.

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