My Best MP3 Player To Date

Aug 4, 2008
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Pros:Stylish, vivid screen, no media format limitations, many features and functions.

Cons:Bulky compared to iPods, tends to freeze but can easily be reset with a pin.

The Bottom Line: An excellent quality player that will do everything you need and a little more. Excellent sound, video, and ease of use.

The Creative Zen Vision:M was given to me as a gift, as it was the one player I desired to have. It seemed to have everything necessary in a player, including a vibrant and decent size viewing screen, and supports more than one format of media. Not to mention, being a Creative player, I expected high quality sound.

The player has not disappointed me yet after a year of use. First, the sound is fantastic. I use clip on over the ear headphones as I am not a fan of ear buds, and the sound is extremely nice for a portable media player. Video is also extremely nice. The screen displays colors vividly and clearly, and watching videos on it is not a strain on the eyes.

The player also boasts extra features such as a photo storage device that can display a slideshow, as well as pick up FM radio stations. The software that comes with the player is sufficient, although not needed. I would recommend using it though, as it helps properly transfer the full information of songs to the player including the cd image in the ID3 tags.

One special note regarding this player is its durability. While I always try my best to protect my digital devices, accidents do happen. A few times I have dropped my player by accident, but it never seems to skip a beat. While I don’t recommend doing that often, it has held up to a little extra wear and tear. There are no visible signs of damage, and the sound and quality are still extremely nice.

All in all, I have been extremely satisfied with this player. Battery life is very sufficient for music, and only drains fast with movies. You should still be able to get a full length movie and a little extra out of the player before the battery dies, which is still fairly good.

The key selling point for me was no limitation to one format of music of video, allowing me to put a variety of different files onto my player without having to convert and wait on each file, which can be an extreme hassle.

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