Hey, I'm actually eating right now, as it happens.

Jun 11, 2005

The Bottom Line Food glorious food...

The simple fact of life is that I love food more than I love you, most likely.

Ryan clearly saw this and hosted this write-off just for me, but since a bunch of other losers joined it too (how dastardly of them) I guess he had to turn it into a site-wide write off. What a saint!

Anyway, onward!

What is your favorite:

1. Soft Drink

Nestea, definitely. That counts, doesn't it? I absolutely despise sodas, because...er...long story actually, and not one you'll be hearing.

2. Ice Cream Flavor

Half Baked! Ben and Jerry are ice cream geniuses for coming up with that. I'm going to be really humiliated if that's Haagen-Dazs or something, so if it is, don't tell me.

I'm an ice-cream nerd. Oh fantastic.

3. Fast Food Restaurant

Wendy's. I live for their chicken strips. When I was in hospital Amity and Adam brought me chicken strips one day and I could have kissed them I was so overjoyed. That's the type of person I am, that I get off on the idea of chicken strips being delivered to me.

I am sad.

4. Type of Pizza

Just cheese, I'm a traditionalist.

5. Thanksgiving Dinner

Well, duh! Turkey! The great thing about Short Pump redneck women like my grandma is that they cook a magnificent Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey and gravy and biscuits and sweet tea, that's my Thanksgiving.

6. Snack Food

Cheez-Its. Old Man Grumpus next door to me got me hooked on them when I was in hospital and I haven't been the same since.

7. Side Dish

Samosas. God bless you, Shanthi Auntie.

8. Food to Eat While Driving

The first (and, if I can take the subway, last) time I drived, it was on a tractor and I ran over a bunch of things, posts and fences and cows and such. Not exactly time to eat.

9. Food for Breakfast

Frosted Flakes. They really are Grrreat.

10. Sit-Down Restaurant

Red Rock Canyon Grill! Oh my God, Adam will get this...I can never show my face there again...accidentally kidnapped someone...

11. Italian Dish

Fetticune alfredo.

12. Chinese Dish

Rice. I'm boring.

13. Sandwich

A Ruben. At the Carnegie Deli, preferably.

14. Cheese

Oh, ew, I actually don't like cheese. Pepper Jack cheese, I guess.

15. Donut

Fudgy donuts.

16. Type of dessert

German chocolate cake. I'd die for one right now.

17. Type of Cake

German chocolate. I'd die for one right now.

18. Vegetable

Rutabaga, simply because they don't get enough love. And corn on the cob.

19. Fruit


20. Food In Bed

I could make such a nasty joke right now, but I'll refrain...something messy. Fondue.

21. Beer

I hate beer more than I hate George Bush, and I really hate George Bush.

22. Drink With Dinner

Zinfandel. I have been singing the praises of it since we went to that vineyard in Sacramento and I was constantly drinking it. It goes with anything more expensive than your car, I've noticed.

23. Fruit Juice

Grapefruit. Tangy goodness.

and Finally...

24. What is your favorite meal?

Well, it has to be at Shanthi-auntie's house. I love eating there. And she makes some kick-a*s samosas, which are these pastries stuffed with potatoes and chickpeas. So those would have to be involved. Then maybe that really great potato dish (you'll have discovered that, if given the opportunity, I would probably marry potatoes as a whole), Aloo Something-ma-face, with tomatoes and lemons and stuff. I am hopeless in this area.

Point is, that is my favorite meal. Oh, and gulab jamun at the end, too.

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