More Than 10 Best Movies (Romasuave's W-O)

Jun 13, 2005

The Bottom Line Join the write-off. It's fun!

Roman, here’s my entry! Sometimes my first thought of a movie was of one I hadn’t seen yet so I thought again. Most are really good movies; all are memorable. Hope you’ll enjoy the list like I enjoyed joining your write-off.

Avanti! - Jack Lemmon manages to get to Europe (Italy) and survives with Juliet Mills in Billy Wilder’s zany comedy.

Beaches - Garry Marshall tearjerker with Bette Midler whose best friend is dying.

Cabaret - In-your-face Bob Fosse musical starring Liza Minnelli in 30s’ Berlin as a girlie club entertainer.

Dolores Claiborne - Kathy Bates is mesmerizing in this thriller based on a Stephen King novel.

Elephant Man - David Lynch movie of a deformed man played by John Hurt; Anthony Hopkins plays his only friend.

Far and Away - Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fell in love when they filmed this lovely Australian love story.

Gilda - 1946 King Vidor movie with the gorgeous Rita Hayworth.

Hotel Rwanda - Don Cheadle plays Paul Rusesabagina who kept over 1200 refugees safe in his hotel during the 90s’ genocide.

I Know Where I’m Going! - 1945 Scottish picture starring Wendy Hiller whose character falls in love with another Scot while waiting for clear weather.

Jesus Christ Superstar - Tuneful musical from 1973 about Jesus’ last few weeks.

Kid Creole - Elvis in an underrated, gritty performance with electrifying songs before he was stuck making cookie cutter movies.

Lemon Drop Kid - Bob Hope without Bing Crosby as a hilarious race track hustler in trouble with gangsters during Christmas in the 50s.

Medicine Man - Scientist Sean Connery can’t replicate his cure for cancer in the rain forest. Spectacular photography.

Ninotchka - 1939 Ernest Lubitsch comedy with Garbo and Melvyn Douglas in Paris. Need I say more?

Odd Couple - Walter Mattheu and Tony Randall are roommates who fight over their differences, but Jack Klugman played the TV series’ Oscar as well as Walter.

Philadelphia - Tom Hanks develops AIDS and is fired from his attorney’s job, but with Denzel Washington’s help he takes them to court.

Quills - Geoffrey Rush is the Marquis de Sade in a Napoleonic era insane asylum, writing his bawdy stories however he can.

Ray - Jamie Fox nailed his portrayal of Ray Charles. Great music and drama.

Saturday Night Fever - John Travolta trips the light fantastic in this thoughtful 1977 movie set in New York.

Thelma and Louise - Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis play killers on the run when they meet crazy Brad Pitt in his debut.

Unfaithful - Richard Gere plays a married man who discovers his wife (Diane Lane) is being unfaithful. A flawed movie, but very sexy!

Victor/Victoria - Silly musical with Julie Andrews whose character becomes a popular entertainer in 30s’ London as a man who pretends to be a female singer. James Garner’s very heterosexual character suspects the truth.

What About Bob? - Richard Dreyfuss plays the poor psychiatrist stalked to his vacation cabin by a lovably goofy Bill Murray. Classic.

Xanadu - Gene Kelly’s worst movie. Olivia Newton-John co-stars in this shlocky mess.

Zelig - Woody Allen wrote, directed and starred in this brilliant mockumentary of a psychotic man who is like a chameleon, changing his appearance naturally to fit in with people, until Mia Farrow’s psychoanalyst character struggles to cure him.

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