Aug 14, 2008 (Updated Aug 14, 2008)
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I purchased a Maytag Dryer from Sears 4 years ago. After one year, the heating coil failed. Sears repaired the unit. The second year, the same part failed yet again. Sears replaced the part, but would not pay for the technician. In year three, the same part failed again. Sears would not service the machine and I had an independant repair it. It is now year four, and once agian the heating coil has failed. Sears will not service the machine. Maytag will not service the machine. I would not be writing this except that there is clearly a problem with the unit and neither company is willing to take responsibility for it. I have been a longtime customer of Sears, and this is my first experience with Maytag. I am terribly dissappointed by both companies, all I'm looking for is someone to see the big picture and acknowledge that there is an issue. No one seems willing to do that.

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