My Top Ten Action Movie Love Stories

Jun 20, 2005

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The Bottom Line Do you want to see an action movie and she wants a romantic one? Compromise with one of these great movies.

Instead of focusing on the standard top ten love story movies, I decided to do something a little different. This is my top ten action movies with great love stories behind them. Not all love stories have to be sappy and cheesy, and here’s some of them:

Braveheart - Much like Gladiator, this movie is about a man who lost his wife and went on a rampage that inspired a lot of people to stop taking crap from their oppressors. When his wife’s ghost appears in the crowd at the end, it’ll move you.

We Were Soldiers - Another great Mel Gibson movie that was from the same guy (Randall Wallace) who wrote Braveheart. What made this Vietnam movie so great was how it showed the wives at home worrying for their husbands. When the wives start to get the ‘We regret to inform you…’ letters, it gets rough.

The Crow - This action movie has a great supernatural love story based around revenge. I often wonder if this film would have been so popular had Brandlon Lee survived the production (he was killed on set) but this is still a classic action movie with a great romantic storyline. It’s about a man who comes back from the dead to get revenge on the thugs who murdered him and his fiancÚ.

True Lies - This is a movie about a secret agent (Arnold Swarzenegger) whose wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) has no clue what he really does for a living. All the secrecy causes their marriage to drift apart, but the spark between them is reunited both literally and figuratively when they have to fight their way out of a deadly hostage situation and the wife finally learns what her husband really does. Setting off nukes and killing terrorists is the ultimate way to fuel the fires of passion in a boring marriage.

The Abyss - This whole movie could be a metaphor for a relationship and the term ‘take the plunge’. A former married couple work together underwater on the edge of an abyss, and some strange underwater life forms rise up from the abyss and cause some trouble. They each have a scene in which they save each other’s lives, and even the strange beings are taken back by their love.

Spider-Man - It’s funny that the most interesting part of a movie about a man with spider-like superhuman abilities is the love story, but it’s true. We always know the bad guys will theirs in the end, but you never know what will become of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Gladiator - A decorated military officer returns home from years of battle to find his wife and child murdered and the government run by a madman. When he’s forced into slavery and then to compete in the gladiator arena, he seizes the opportunity to get back at the people who wrong him. The scene where Russell Crowe’s character reveals himself to the emperor and declares his true intentions will give you goose bumps the first time you see it.

Top Gun - You can’t have a love story movie list without at least one Meg Ryan film, even though she only had a small supporting role in this one. This one has two different types of love stories, both involving Tom Cruise. The first one was his relationship with his co-pilot, aka Goose. The second was his relationship with the high-ranking female officer. This is one of the staple action movies of the 1980’s and directly resulted to a lot of people applying to be Navy pilots.

The Last of the Mohicans - Michael Mann’s vision of this classic story is easily one of the greatest action films ever made. It has several massive action sequences, gorgeous North Carolina mountain scenery, and a great romantic story. The conversation underneath the waterfall was beautiful and heroic. And that soundtrack was amazing!

Raiders of the Lost Ark - After seeing this movie, every guy wanted to be Indiana Jones and every girl wanted to be Marian. This is the greatest action adventure movie of all time and features a great love story. Too bad it didn’t carry over into the sequels.

There you go. Guys, next time your lady complains that she’s tired of zombie slasher movies and wants to see some romance, you can bring out one of these great movies and both be satisfied.

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