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Jun 20, 2005 (Updated Jun 21, 2005)

The Bottom Line but you can save it 'til the morning after…

If you read epinion's Member Advice or Writer's Corner sections with any regularity, then you are most likely quite aware of the existence of write-offs, especially those that encourage you to ALPHABETIZE your favorite food-sters while getting to know twenty things about SarahWhoUsedToLoveAdamButNowWishesHeWasACorp(se)gent.

This is not one of those write-offs.

Neither is it a proper write-on, as once suggested by the suddenly less-is-more-reclusive-than-usual mEUaxbiprof, because I am far too busy to follow all of his excellent suggestions for hosting a proper write-on.

Instead, I am proposing something new – the WriteAmabob™

The WriteAmabob™ doesn't come with rules.

The WriteAmabob™ doesn't come with enticing user profile pics to lure you into a false sense of Trust.

The WriteAmabob™ is all about writing freely – unfettered by poll questions, not pressured by the newbarbie of the month into admitting intimate details just for the sake of appearing en vogue

Free your mind and your pen will follow
Your trust is blind, don't be so shallow

The WriteAmabob™ is the tomato's organic grass-roots effort to get the members of the epinions community to stir up their creative juices, and it's an appeal to the members to uproot themselves from the endless cornrows of corporate copycattyschisms

Hail Murray, full of Grace
Blessed art thou among Movies
And blessed is the fruit of thy …tome…
Pray won't you just get over it already, now and at all times

The WriteAmabob™ is about raising the bar, bellying up to your personal best and ordering a double. It's about learning your limits and then pushing past them, a verbal vomitation of all the nasty nitpickin' and grinnin' you've been doin' all this time. It's also about forgiveness and forgetfulness, fulsome and winsome, if only you'll lose some of your stubborning suborning ways. It's a hoot, it's a holler, if you'll just stop being so hot under the collar - it's an epivangelistic experientiality – and it doesn't have to be just my imagination - it can happen to you, but only if you want it.

All we are saying
is Give Eps A Chance

The WriteAmabob™ is now accepting WriteAmabob™ entries in all categories and all product topics. Tell the WriteAmabob™ your own personal thoughts about what you've just read in the comment thread of this piece, or in a carefully krafted cheese-mail sent to the tomato.

I've posted my first official WriteAmabob™ piece today.
Here are some proto-type reviews from the past:
Radiohead "Kid A" Express Review
The King's Singers "Circle of Life"
NEC 21" Monitor

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