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two things ...
by Fez_Monkey
1. Vaginas may, in fact, be neat, clean and inviting, but Nappy Dugouts are not.

2. As an empiricist, I always insist on first-hand confirmation. Please let me know when your next visit to LA will be, as I am volunteering to verify your claim.
Aug 27, 2005
5:45 pm PDT

by youngchinq
I'm not gonna get a case of vagina envy anytime soon. Thanks for trying tho :)

"Did you kno the average pinga is 6 inches long? ...And the average vaginga is 8 inches deep? ...There are about 2 miles of unused vaginga in New York City."

-John Leguizamo
Jul 17, 2005
11:47 am PDT

Re: .
by millinocket
Ahhhh! There it is again! All the world's vaginas just suffered a severe setback on their road to self esteem, you know.
Jul 13, 2005
6:53 am PDT

by munkus
I dunno. They're still strange and disturbing meaty curtains to me.
Jul 12, 2005
4:48 am PDT

by DavidMac
Yes, I am sure your vagina, nor anyone else's, is not yucky. However, considering my (pathetic) track record when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, I'm afraid I can't prove that you're right; I'll just have to take your word for it! :P
Jul 8, 2005
2:39 pm PDT

Re: Thank you
by pranapana
Sue, my momma never told me nothing *sniff sniff*. Good thing the internet was around!

If your flower-down-under needs further encouragement, check out this little vid:
Jun 24, 2005
5:02 am PDT

Re: Re: Re: You put it all out there, honey!
by pranapana
Melissa, oh my ROFLMAO ! That was the funniest! (especially the part about the beaver clam! Ended up sticking it on my blog

Y'know, I always wondered what that little phenomenom was called. Just goes to show I can still learn things from epinions!
Jun 24, 2005
5:00 am PDT

by pranapana
Dear Patty,

Well, that's not really why I think my vagina's not yucky.. nor do I think it will stand as a good thing to teach girls in sex-ed...

But LOL, it's darn true!!!
Jun 24, 2005
4:59 am PDT

Re: Hmmmm
by pranapana
Oldco... trust you to say that. But even with large mouth bass, it would still have to be a micro-penis, no?
Jun 24, 2005
4:57 am PDT

Re: Right ON!
by pranapana
Ouchie Elaine!!! I literally cringed while reading! (after I laugh-splattered lunch all over the place).
Jun 24, 2005
4:57 am PDT

Thank you
by millinocket
for the well argued defense of the vagina. It has been feeling beleaguered ever since the "meat curtains" incident and needed a pep talk. It feels better now.

You know, I was told when I was but a young vagina owner that douche was a bad, bad thing and it would upset my parts. It's nice to be taught well.

Okay then! On to the next topic!

Sue - proud and comfortable vagina owner
Jun 23, 2005
8:53 pm PDT

Re: Re: You put it all out there, honey!
by prfstars
Hi again, Renee,

It's not a poem-- it's a song! OMG, you must check it out. Google "Bob & Tom Camel Toe Movie." If you can't find it, I can try to e-mail it to you.

Jun 22, 2005
3:34 pm PDT

by PattyTherre
Well THAT certainly broke up the monotony of reading serious reviews.

I am amazed that some women think their cootchie coos are yukky. They are more powerful than anything else on the body when it comes to winning arguments with men. Second would be the jiggly bits up top. HAHA.

I better stop before I prove I lost it completely.


Jun 22, 2005
3:19 pm PDT

by oldcomixfan
Natural vaginal fluids as a pheromonal attractant may explain why some men feel compelled to fish for large-mouth bass?
Jun 22, 2005
10:47 am PDT

Right ON!
by misc_el
(bowing) "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!"

This was the tops! For one, I needed the laugh. Two it's a great topic of discussion. I mean, I Love my 'Gina (yes pronounced Jean-a...Hey chicks can name 'em too)

But this, we must discuss more:

trust me, the smell, let alone taste of an unwashed penis is truly gag-worthy

I mean guys think balls don't stink!

What part of azz, sweat, p!ss, a spritz of cologne ta cover it up....

If only they had a "ball wash" for testies!

[Evil Laugh]

Picturing me jamming a testie into one of those golf ball washes and slamming it down.

Mmmmmhhhuuuwwwwaaaa! (slam)

Mmmmmhhhuuuwwwwaaaa! (slam)

Mmmmmhhhuuuwwwwaaaa! (slam)

Oh, sorry. Got a little carried away. My hubbie is on my nerves today. Had to take it out some way. ;)

Great read, you're so awesome.

Jun 22, 2005
9:12 am PDT

Re: Somewhat Helpful
by pranapana
Sideways? Sorry, I don't "do" wine bottles, even if they are not merlot. That is what you meant right?

there are actually people who find vaginas yucky

Well. There's munkus and his "meat curtains" (ugh). Perhaps given my next write up you'll understand better the need for this one.
Jun 22, 2005
8:55 am PDT

Re: You put it all out there, honey!
by pranapana
That poem is a classic. I'm gonna blow it up huge and stick it on my office door. Of course, here in Malaysia, maybe not so many people will understand it.

Never been into the pube topiary either. But I wouldn't know about bad porn dear, *eyes wide open, head tilted to one side a la Toospoiled*.
Jun 22, 2005
8:54 am PDT

Re: hey there Renee...
by pranapana
Tom you naughty boy,

I'm afraid i only show that particular body part to those who trust me *wink wink*. LOL

As compensation for their labours men are given periodic use of a woman's vagina.

Well, men got smart and now they have those "smart" dolls. So I don't know how valid that quote is anymore!

Always a pleasure Tom,
Jun 22, 2005
8:51 am PDT

Re: Fairy-moans
by pranapana
something between nutmeg, lemon peel, ocean breeze and urine.

Dude. I have no idea what your wife has been smoking, but if she could patent it, she might just make a mint!
Jun 22, 2005
8:49 am PDT

Re: Hot dogs?
by pranapana
Hags... yes, well. Neither did I after I found out it involved microwaves as well... but unfortunately, I am a fast reader and my eyes, darn them, read on before my brain kicked in.

Good thing i am a vegetarian. Blech
Jun 22, 2005
8:48 am PDT

Somewhat Helpful
by sundogg99
Ever since my first introduction, I've been a huge fan of vaginas, so it was with considerable interest that I read your short essay on this important topic.

I have to confess to a certain disappointment, however... despite your unique qualifications to do so, Renee, you failed to address the all-important sideways configuration question, which, as you know, is a topic of ongoing debate among those not blessed with personal knowledge of same.

Other than that, though, a fine defense of your naughty bits.

Who is baffled by the notion that there are actually people who find vaginas yucky
Jun 22, 2005
7:50 am PDT

You put it all out there, honey!
by prfstars
Your biscuit, your beavage
I see your cooter cleavage
Your monkey, your muffin
You ain't hidin' nothin'

Hi Renee,

It was great to read such a mature defense of the vagina. My personal concern is the way women, particularly those in bad porn, trim their bushes into little Hitler moustaches. I'm all for mowing the lawn, but it's gotten out of control. A neat little triangle is perfect, but pube topiary is just wrong.

Vagina owner since 1972
Jun 22, 2005
6:49 am PDT

hey there Renee...
by sleeper54
Man, I have been 'jonesing' for a new body part user-pic . . .. I think my patience has been rewarded . . .I think. Do I think...?

someone said...
"Hot dogs? . . .I don't think I want to know about that."

Perverted me, on the other hand, immediately copied the URL and pasted it in a new browser window. Fortunately, my caring employer has blocked the site. As well as 'mymasturbation'.

Thank gawd this omnipotent health care institution is benevolent enough to let the 'womenshealth' URL in.

Very nicely said.

"Men have been trained and conditioned by women, not unlike the way Pavlov conditioned his dogs, into becoming their slaves. As compensation for their labours men are given periodic use of a woman's vagina."
—Esther Vilar
Jun 21, 2005
12:44 pm PDT

by trust12345

This post gave off a rather pleasing odor, something between nutmeg, lemon peel, ocean breeze and urine. The bottom line I'm afraid just farted in my face.

Agreed on all counts, and looking forward to -- what?!-- blood and games. Hmmm.

Jun 21, 2005
8:28 am PDT

Hot dogs?
by _haggis_
I don't think I want to know about that.

Jun 21, 2005
5:20 am PDT