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Aug 18, 2008 (Updated Aug 18, 2008)
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Pros:Nice styling, fair price

Cons:Doesn't work worth a hoot.

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend this mouse to anyone. Its a nightmare with constant problems, and its not worth the frustration.

I purchased this mouse about a year ago to replace an even more horrid Microsoft wireless mouse. That was another mistake. Logitech puts out a darn good mouse, but this new wireless technology is going to need some serious work before they get it working properly.

The mouse looks great. Its got a nice ergonomic shape that fits in the hand very comfortably. Its mainly blue in color, with black and dark gray accents. There are two sleak buttons and a tilt wheel roller in the center. The tilt wheel roller is used to scroll up and down through pages, and sideways from sheet to sheet by tilting the roller wheel. A nice feature if you work with a lot of Excel or similar files with multiple pages and sheets. There is also a small power indicator just behind the scroll roller that tells you if the battery power level is getting low. This mouse is a laser mouse, no more roller ball on the bottom to get gummed up with dust.

In the box is the mouse, Software CD, 2 AA Batteries, a Wireless dongle, a USB Extension Port, and a PS2 to USB adaptor. Installation is very easy. Turn off your PC, install the Wireless dongle into an available USB port or your PS2 mouse port using the adaptor provided, install the batteries into the mouse, and power up your PC. You can install the USB port extender and place it on your computer table real close to the mouse and plug the Wireless dongle into that to ensure maximum reception between the devices if you so desire. Windows will find the new hardware, seek and install drivers, and do all of the Windows registry stuff.

This is where the fun begins. After installation you'll have a fun time using the mouse, and all seems to be well. We found that on start up of your PC, you have a 50/50 chance at best that when the PC has finished booting up that you'll have an active mouse. When you find yourself with the pointer frozen and the mouse inactive, you have no choice but to power the PC down. This "illegal" shutdown makes Windows and the PC very angry. It takes several minutes to get them calmed down and get a successful restart, at which time you find another frozen pointer and have to power down and start the process all over again. We resorted to sitting there while the PC was booting and moving the mouse and clicking the buttons hoping that we would get an active mouse and cursor. This helped a little, but did not relieve the problem entirely. It got so bad that my wife was unable to get on the PC and use it, so I would power the PC up and get it running after my morning shower, so she could use the PC when she got home, and not have to deal with it. We tried installing the drivers from the CD, we tried moving the dongle to the extender right next to the mouse, nothing worked. We recently were struck by lightening, and I lost that PC's NIC card and patch cable. But to trouble shoot and replace parts, I needed to shut the PC down or at least restart it to get settings to take place and/or for hardware to be found and installed by Windows. This mouse constantly failed and I wasted over 40 minutes trying to get the PC to start up normally with an active mouse at one point and was the last straw, and out it went.

Needless to say I would not recommend this mouse to anyone, well except maybe terrorists using the PC to do us harm. I can guarantee you they will get nowhere fast! Its a good looking unit, but it does not work as intended. I've replaced it with a Logitech wired optical mouse and now I get a perfect boot every time.

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