A great little inexpensive fridge for my office.

Aug 26, 2008
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Pros:Small, sturdy and quiet, no mechanical issues, and keeps my food cool.

Cons:Things kept close to the freezer may freeze if thermostat is set too cold.

The Bottom Line: For $75 you cannot go wrong with this compact fridge. It keeps my food cool and is nice and quiet.

I’ve had this little fridge in my office for about 9 months now and I love it. It is small enough to be tucked away underneath my desk, but large enough to fit several drinks and whatever I’ve brought for lunch. It is also nice and quiet, which is important since it’s in my office.

The Specs
This is a very compact 1.7 Cubic Foot refrigerator that measures 17.3”w X 20.1”h X 17.8”d and weighs about 40lbs. There is a very small freezer area in this fridge that is approximately 6”w X 4”h X 11”d. It also has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The legs can adjust for leveling purposes, although I have never needed to use this. The back of the fridge is also smooth and does not have exposed coils like many refrigerators out there.

There is small storage area on the inside top of the drawer that will fit small items like yogurt or a couple cans of soda. A longer area at the bottom of the door will fit slightly taller drinks.

A thermostat is located on the inside on the top right corner and has settings from 1 to 8. I keep this set to 4 and have not had any problems.

I bought this for $75 at Home Depot. It was cheaper than several similar sized models I found.


I honestly do not have too much to complain about with this little refrigerator. It is small, so there are things that just won’t fit in it. I noticed a previous reviewer had problems with the stability of this fridge, but I honestly have not had this problem. It sits on the floor underneath my desk and takes a good bit of effort on my part to get it to move.

If things are stored too close to the freezer portion of the refrigerator they will sometimes freeze themselves. After turning down the overall temperature this problem resolved itself.

What I like

This is a very quiet refrigerator that works. The freezer portion will actually freeze food and the rest of the fridge keeps my food nice and cool.

For only $75 I was not expecting much from this unit, but I have been happily surprised. The small size and its ability to stay quiet have made it perfect for my office.

The door also closes well. I’ve had small refrigerators in the past that did not close well or would pop open by themselves. I have never had a problem with the door, unless of course I was trying to cram too much stuff in the thing to begin with.


This is a great inexpensive refrigerator. It is small and quiet and a perfect fit for my office. It is very sturdy and I have never had any mechanical type issues with it. I have never had a problem with it keeping my food cool and I’ve never had a problem with the door not sealing well. It is not going to hold a lot, but it’s not designed to. What it is designed for it does very well.

I did have issues with things that were kept close to the freezer section getting too cold and actually freezing, but after I adjusted the temperature setting this issue went away.

I really cannot complain about this inexpensive little fridge and I highly recommend it.

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