Great walking stroller, a few problems however.

Aug 26, 2008
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Pros:comfortable, makes neighborhood walks more fun, easy to push

Cons:poorly designed music system, a few nagging fit & finish issues.

The Bottom Line: Good stroller, if you're into neighborhood walking or hiking. However, it isn't very compact when folded.

We received this stroller as a baby shower gift. This is our second stroller, used primarily for neighborhood walks and hikes. It handles this duty extremely well, with its inflated tires and large wheels (large for a walking stroller).

It is a 3-wheel stroller, with the two rear wheels able to be locked (and therefore stay put on a hill). The front wheel rotation (or "steering") can be set to be locked, similar to many running strollers or it can rotate freely. We keep it in the "unlocked" position almost all the time. It is not a true running stroller, with no hand brake and much heavier than most running strollers, but for a walking stroller it works wonderfully. The wheels rotate extremely easily and it is fairly light and agile.

The stroller includes a suspension system, which is able to dampen some of the bumps, but it still can be a fairly bumpy ride, depending on the terrain.

The seat is very nicely padded, with the only downfall in this area being the space right next to the plastic joint on the metal frame. Unfortunately, this is exactly where my 9-month old likes to rest her head, and therefore she feels the road bumps through the frame, right to the side of her head. Some padding or canvas protection would be very nice here. I am contemplating some sort of covering to help pad it, but have not decided on anything just yet.

The seat itself is fairly large, and can fit children up to around 4 yrs. We used it as soon as the weather turned, and was suitable for walks. Our daughter was probably 3 months at the time. 5-point harness is fully adjustable, and seems comfortable for my daughter. The clasp is fairly easy to use, however it can be stiff, and we have pinched our fingers in it while strapping our daughter in. The seat reclines, using a drawstring. The system is rudimentary, but works well.

2 cupholders are available within our daughter's reach, and 2 on the back handle. We have noticed that not all drinks fit well, as the drink holder spaces are somewhat small.

Also included within the child's reach is a steering wheel toy, with a noise-making gear shift, key, horn, music key and engine "start up" noise. This adds function and fun for the child.

This stroller has an integrated speakers system, intended for the user to connect his music player to and listen to music on a walk. However, the speakers are facing forward, toward the baby and away from the adult. In order for the adult to hear it sufficiently, it would be very loud for the child. Just not designed very well, in my opinion. The speakers themselves seem to work very well and it's a nice option to have.

There is a retractible cover, to shelter the child from sun or weather. It is very nice, and seems to cover the seat very well. Only when the sun is low in the sky does our daughter get sun in her eyes.

Storage space below the seat is ample, but just large enough for a diaper bag and nothing else. There is a metal bar which folds down, for easier access to the contents of the bottom storage space. There are also side bags, I guess intended for snacks, toys and such, though we have never used them for anything.

The stroller folds up easily, but not very compact. It takes up roughly 1/3 more room front - to - back than our other "regular" stroller. It just doesn't fold down as narrowly.

A few notes from our ownerhship: When we first got this stroller, the rear wheels squeeked quite a bit. This was fixed with a quick shot of WD-40 where the wheel and axle contact. We haven't had problems since. Second, the front wheel on ours is a little "off", meaning it isn't directly vertical. The problem is that this makes the stroller pull to the right, unless the tires are all inflated to the max.

Speaking of tires, ours seem to be wearing at an alarming rate. We have used this stroller for about 6 months, walking a rough average of 5 miles per week. So, quick math says it's seen 120 miles. Our tires appear to be at 1/2 of their original tread, which is surprising since these appear to be nothing more than small bicycle tires. I have no idea whether this will end up being a problem, but I thought I would mention it here.

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