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Aug 27, 2008 (Updated Aug 27, 2008)
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Pros:cute, comfortable, quality construction, good price


The Bottom Line: This is one of my favorite Stride Rite sneakers and I recommend them for casual, everyday use.

I purchased these Stride Rite Riley H&L sneakers for my toddler son. Like most of the other Stride Rite shoes that I have purchased for my boys, these sneakers have not disappointed us. They are a very good value for the money, and I will continue to buy Stride Rite shoes for my sons.

The Stride Rite Riley H&L sneakers are white leather, with navy blue accents. They are a cute, sporty style that are sure to get noticed. My son wore these shoes for about 3 months, and people always commented on how adorable his sneakers were. And after 3 months of continuous, daily wear, these shoes remained almost as bright white as the day they were purchased.

These shoes feature double Velcro straps that allow you to get these shoes on and off your child’s feet very quickly. The Velcro is sturdy and the straps have not started to curl at the edges like I have seen on other shoe brands after repeated wear. In typical Stride Rite fashion, these sneakers also feature a strong toe guard to prevent your child from stubbing his toes.

As previously mentioned, the shoe is leather. Stride Rite has found the perfect balance in these sneakers between comfort and quality construction. The leather is soft enough to allow bending, which is important to toddlers with all of the running, jumping, and even crawling they still do. But yet, the leather is strong enough to keep its shape. I have seen other shoes that seem to wilt over time, collapsing into a much flatter form after repeated wear. In the past month, the leather has not cracked or torn at all.

The soles of these shoes are very soft and springy. I have taken my thumb and pressed in on the shoe, and was very surprised by the amount of spring in this shoe. I would imagine that they are very comfortable for my son to wear. He is only 18 months old so he cannot tell me specifically how the shoe feels, but he always loves putting on these shoes and never complains when I put them on him.

The leather has small holes in it throughout the shoe, but mainly on the top area near the toe. These holes help the shoe to breathe, and they help to reduce the chance of odor developing in the shoe. My son has wore these shoes during the winter, going from the cold winter air to very warm heated rooms. I would imagine his feet have sweat from time to time. But yet, the shoes never accumulated any odor as a result.

I should also mention that the holes in these shoes are small enough to retain the shoes’ water resistency. My son has worn these Stride Rite Riley H&L sneakers in the snow (not to play, just for brief walks, like to the store or to our car). As an 18 month old, he loved to play with snow and particularly loved to kick it. As a result, his feet have been covered in snow even after brief trips outdoors. He also discovered the joy of puddles. But, his feet always remained dry when wearing these sneakers, even after playing in the snow and the rain.

The bottom of the sneakers have a good amount of tread to them, and this certainly has helped my son get traction when walking on snow and ice. Granted, the traction is not quite as good as the traction on a boot specifically designed for snow, but it is great traction for a sneaker. I definitely appreciated it when taking him on quick trips to the store in snowy weather, as it saved me from having to change him into his boots on these short trips.

You absolutely cannot beat the price of this shoe. Interestingly enough, the Stride Rite website has this shoe listed at $32, but Shoebuy.com has it for $29. I had a 20 percent off coupon when I purchased this shoe at Shoebuy, so that brought my cost down to $23. I then was able to take another 10 percent off because I am a frequent buyer at Shoebuy (I make at least one purchase a month for myself or one of my family members), so that took the cost to $21. I also always click through Ebates.com, which gives me yet another 10 percent off. So my final cost on this shoe was less than $19, shipped! I can barely find shoes at Target or Walmart for this price, plus you are getting the comfort and quality that goes with the Stride Rite name. For me, purchasing this shoe was a no-brainer.

We are very happy with this shoe purchase for my son. I have no doubt that these Stride Rite Riley H&L sneakers will continue to uphold their reputation as a stylish, quality, comfortable shoe. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants to purchase a sneaker for their toddler boy.

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