Excuse This Cliche! The Eagles "Rock" With Their Greatest Hits Volume 2!

Oct 24, 2001
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Pros:Great collection of classic rock and country songs by the Eagles

Cons:You may wear your CD out like I did!

The Bottom Line: The Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2 is a fantastic collection of classic rock and country songs that will appeal to all ages.

There are very few groups, in my personal opinion, who have produced music that appeals to more than one “type” of music collector. Usually a group specializes in rock, rap, or country and doesn’t cross over to new territories.

However, there are always exceptions to the rules, and one of the nicest exceptions is one of my favorite groups of all times The Eagles. Throughout the years they produced various types of music from classic rock to country in format and during all of that time made a legend for them in the process.

Naturally, because I am such a great fan of theirs, having listened to their music for years, it should not come as a surprise that I have purchased several of their “greatest hits” collections including this one Eagles – Greatest Hits Volume 2.

What’s So Great About Eagles – Greatest Hits Volume 2

Boy that sounds really insane, because in my personal opinion, everything is great about this collection of Eagles greatest hits! However, there are favorite songs that I have enjoyed throughout the years, and I would like to mention a few at this time.

Heartache Tonight

Heartache Tonight is a flawless classic rock production with an emphasis on percussion beat as the main driving force of the song. From the first few moments of this selection you find yourself rocking away reminiscing about times past (that is if you are as old as I am!). Even if you are not old and are a younger lover of classic rock, Heartache Tonight is also ideal for blasting out at a loud volume from your vehicle. The addition of harmonics both vocal and instrumental as well as a deep guitar presence gives Heartache Tonight a great dance quality that I find irresistible.

Seven Bridges Road

Seven Bridges Road is a country type / light rock song that was recorded live at one of the Eagles concerts. The incredible vocals of the singers are masterfully blended in accopella giving the song a quality that appeals better in its live version than if it had been performed within a studio environment. While country in sound, it does not deter the appeal by classic rock fans causing it to be just as popular as some of The Eagles more famous classic rock hits.

Hotel California

Hotel California probably is one of the Eagles most famous hits if not the most famous song in their repertoire. The guitar arrangements of this song are legendary for their quality and harmony. Even though I enjoy the instrumentals of Hotel California very much, I have never really caught on to the lyrical portion of this song. Most of the recognizable lyrics really do not make sense to me and because I like to sing at times with music such as this, I tend to sometimes forward through this selection even though I enjoy the music.

Life In the Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane is probably one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. The guitar and percussion of this song give it a masterful classic rock beat making it fun to dance to and especially to listen to in the car. I’ve often been known to let my stereo system in my home and my car go full volume with Life In the Fast Lane enjoying every moment of the song. This is especially apparent near the end where there is a fantastic interlude of guitars combined to just bring down the house! To give you a good idea of how loud I used to play this song, both of my children recognized Life In the Fast Lane when they were born and preferred IT to be played at home rather than me singing lullabies!


Well, to be honest with you, I could go on talking about Eagles – Greatest Hits Volume 2 telling you how much I love each and every song. In my personal opinion, this is one of the most masterful collections of greatest hits by any group at any time.

With no bad track to speak of Eagles – Greatest Hits Volume 2 is a remarkable collection that only gets better with time, spanning generation gaps with its quality classic rock and country appeal. Therefore, I have no hesitation for giving my highest recommendation to Eagles – Greatest Hits Volume 2 for purchase.

Note: Selections on Eagles – Greatest Hits Volume 2 include the following:
Hotel California
Heartache Tonight
Seven Bridges Road
Victim Of Love
The Sad Café
Life in the Fast Lane
I Can’t Tell You Why
New Kid In Town
The Long Run
After the Thrill Is Gone

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