Gets carpets and furniture super clean even with having a dog

Aug 29, 2008
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Heats water very quickly. Rinse water setting is great to get out all shampoo


Water capacity is an issue. Cleaning 12ftx13ft room, had to change water many times.

The Bottom Line: Does a great job and is easy to use and powerful on my tough dog stained carpets

The 2 rows of brushes are very powerful and having the hand wand is nice to pre-clean some of the tough carpet stains. It is so powerful, that the first couple cleanings it makes some small fuzz balls from the carpet.

I love that it heats the water. The clean and dirty water is in the same compartment tank separated by the bladder, which makes it easy to change/add water in a small sink. I just would like more water capacity. When cleaning a 12ft x 13ft bedroom I had to change the dirty/clean water 3 times. Although I do clean a spot then do a rinse. Maybe if you didn't do rinse you wouldn't have to fill the water so much.

It nice having the water selection switch on top up by the handle to switch from deep clean / normal clean / rinse.

I like that it has Microban protection even though I clean the whole thing out and even drain/clean the formula tank after each use. Then let it dry out for a day.

I have use the hand wand attachment to clean a sofa and big chair and it did a good job on getting out some tough spots.

My carpets look great now even with our dog.

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