Great fridge if you don't need a freeze

Aug 29, 2008
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Pros:Good size, glass shelves, custom can dispenser.

Cons:The freezer is not very cold.

The Bottom Line: Great lunch room or casual use fridge.


Outside: At about 22" Wide, 33" Tall and 21" Deep (56W x 85H x 59 D cm for us Canadians), this 4.6 cu.ft. mini fridge is quite nicely designed. Very simple flat door front with symetric handle on the top of the door and hinges that allow you to reverse the door swing (thus the symmetry). The legs are adjustable so you can level is as needed. It is designed for insertion under a standard counter, so it will work well in a bar or mini kitchen.

Inside: Three glass shelves are nice looking, and hold your goods better than the more common wire shelving. There is adequate space for 2-litre & tall water bottles. There are two full door shelves for smaller items as well as the "Dispense-A-Can" storage bins. They kindly supply an ice try, which will become clear below.


Fridge: It's what you should expect, a great machine that cools well and does it without a lot of noise or vibration.

Freezer: It's just the coldest part of the fridge, it's not actually a freezer. Even the manual states that it's not intended for freezing meat or keeping it frozen, or for that matter freezing anything but water. It's also only half-width, very small. The standard ice trays will not fit, so they kindly supply you with one that does. In case you need it, there is manual defrost.


At the default setting and empty, a few hours after powering up the fridge was cold and the ice cube tray supplied was nearly frozen solid. The fridge temp was 42F/5C and the freezer was about 14F/-10C which is perfect for ice.

When the fridge is quite full, and having the door opened hourly or so, the temperature is less cold. However, it remained under 55F/12C on a hot day with heavy use. For most days, opening only a few times the temperature remained cold.

After a few months, the fridge has "kept its cool", the door has taken the regular use, and sometimes a few bangs, without problem. We have it installed under a counter, with an air vent in the back (for plumbing, not the fridge - it doesn't seem to need it).


This is a great fridge for a mini kitchen, bar or small office lunch room. It works well for casual use, and short-term storage. Ice freezes well, however you cannot freeze larger items, and it will not keep frozen items frozen for long. I would classify this unit as a fridge, not a fridge/freezer.

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