Bosch oven works well, but a few minor complaints

Sep 2, 2008
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After using the Bosch HBL5460 for about 9 months, I think it does a good job of cooking food. The convection modes seems to speed up some types of baking a lot, saving perhaps 10~15% time. I chose this model because it has a larger interior space than most 30" ovens. For cookie baking, 4 to 6 sheets will fit at one time and they cook fairly evenly, no problems with overcooked or raw due to location of the cookie sheets. Two minor problems: 1. the clock in the electronic controller loses several minutes a week. For a modern electronic product, this is unacceptable. 2. the actual temperature only shows while its warming up, not after it has reached the programmed temperature. They dont want you to know how much the temperature varies, like when you have to open the door a lot.

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