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Sep 4, 2008 (Updated Sep 4, 2008)
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Pros:Large display, size, top loading CD, in-line jack for MP3 player, analog tuner, price

Cons:Alarm buzzer, sound quality, volume range, no headphone jack, volume and tuner knob location

The Bottom Line:

Do not consider, unless you're into self abuse.  If the latter is the case this is the unit for you.

Bought this as it was the one that sounded the least awful of those presented, good size and price. We figured that we'd been spoiled by our old soulful Magnavox dual alarm clock radio with CD player and could adjust.

Sound quality being terrible is only the beginning. The volume range is miniscule. When the audio in jack (nicely supplied with unit) is used both the Sansa and the Sony must be on max and is still too low for comfortable listening unless you're near the unit. That must explain the lack of a headphone jack, there's no need as you're almost tethered to the thing anyway.

The location of tuner and volume knobs is on the right side, towards the rear of the unit-a contortionist's dream.

So we have a working clock radio with a top loading CD, we can see the display, the size it neat and we never have to worry about disturbing anyone even with it on full volume. We are willows, we can bend.

The buzzer for the alarm portion of this item is so low it gets your attention only if you are waiting for it to do so.

We've adjusted so well it is headed back to the store.

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