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Sep 6, 2008
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Pros:Compact, doesn't take up much space in the garage/patio, easy to clean, cooks fast/evenly

Cons:Side tables are a little flimsy for heavy plates.

The Bottom Line: Great Grill

After our large Ducane ($600) died after 8 years, we looked at buying the Weber E320 at around $700. We didn't want another grill that took up a huge amount of space in the garage or had to be left on the patio (an eyesore in our opinion) as living in Florida the salt air takes it toll on things outside. Then we saw the Weber Q200, at $220.

The Weber Q220 is nice and small we can pull it out easily, hook it up to the large propane bottle, use it, and put it back in the garage with the cover. Friends of ours that have the larger more expensive grills are jealous at how simple, easy to use and cheap this grill is.

We bought the hose to hook up to the propane tank from the Ducane, we place the Weber on a glass patio table, and cook for 2-7 people without any problems. This grill holds more than you think it could. The last time we cooked it was for 7 people, we had ribs, 8 pieces of chicken and steamed veggies all on the grill at one time.

This grill cooks in half the time our large Ducane took, and it cooks much more evenly.

The plastic side holders are nice, a little flimsy if you put a heavy plate on them. But if you just use a light weight plate or a paper/plastic plate they are fine.

The clean up for this grill is so easy compared to the larger grills. We never got the large grill cleaned like it should of been, the Weber Q is so simple to clean. I usually take the griddle inside to the kitchen sink to clean. We throw out the drip pan, wipe down the grill with clorox wipes and we are done. So simple and easy.

We have to say, we do not miss having a larger grill!!!!!!

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